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And the iPad Shrinks!

There is so much going on in the world of technology that it is hardly a surprise that something new keeps surfacing from time to time. With the world becoming more centered on commercial growth and development the need to expand work horizons have increased. So has the need to socialise, if not personally then at least in a digital way.

This has rendered a deep rooted requirement for mobile devices. Earlier people could be satisfied with a simple mobile phone, however, as time has elapsed, the need for smart phones have emerged which enable a person to conduct many more activities than making simple phone calls.

The age of social networking reinforced this. People wanted to stay connected at all times. Lives have become hectic and recreation has become a necessity on the move.

Simultaneously, the traditional desktops are shrinking. The big ones made way for the smaller ones, the cathode ray tubes were replaced by LCDs, and now even the laptops shrunk to thetablets. As if on cue with the technological revolution, the mini iPad has sent ripples in the industry.

The mini iPad is supposed to be a unique hybrid between a Smartphone and a laptop. If this device works out, it can permanently eliminate the requirement for huge PCs. Or can it? Well the general response has been slightly bipolar. Few who have loved the iPad claim that a mini iPad is sure to succeed and make life a lot easier. However, PC fans claim that there are lots of activities that even an iPad can’taid, let alone a smaller one.

The debate

The Optimists

  1. Much easier to carry- since the iPad mini will be a shrunk version of the iPad, it directly implies that moving it around will be no problem at all. It can fit snugly into a purse or even a pocket.
  2. Business on the go- the fact that this device will be similar to the iPad in every aspect (functionally), it means that it can enable people to perform complex business tasks simply.
  3. Price and returns- All apple products have been expensive and there is no doubt about it. However, once this gadget starts rolling in the market, it will eliminate the need to have 2 devices as boththe Smartphoneand the tablet have been combined in one, thereby making it a cost effective alternative.

The Pessimists

  1. Not Draft Friendly- many people who are thinking aboutthe practical aspects of the whole tablet gimmick state that touchscreenis not draft friendly. This means that typing documents, editing them and creating them is never easy on a touch screen. This can only be accomplished with a traditional keyboard.
  2. Designing and drawing- for obvious reasons an iPad mini cannot be used to design websites or create drawings. This renders them absolutely useless in terms of business utility for the design industry. A mouse cannot be replaced when it comes to designing.
  3. Breaking their own rules? -TheHuman Interface Guidelines lay specific rules for the size and dimensions of buttons and menus. So, if the whole layout was to be revamped in order to facilitate the iPad mini, they would be breaking their own rules.


Honestly it will be very hard to decide on a take. Both the sides seem to have a legitimate argument. All said and done, this cannot be denied that the iPad mini will have a lot of strength and potential in terms of the kind of power it can hand the people.

However, regardless of what you pack in a tiny device, the big ones have to be around in order to comfort us and to justify purposes. The iPad mini may be a raging success in the market, but will surely not be able to replace the traditional desktops and Personal Computers anytime soon.

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