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The Anatomy of a Review: How to Make Customers Vouch For You!

It’s no secret that online reviews and social media referrals are more important than ever. As well-written as your product description may be, customers still trust the opinions of other customers 12 times as much and a large portion of shoppers still ask for advice from their friends and think of brands better if they are endorsed by acquaintances. Making sure that your new customers leave happy, your old customers stay happy, and that you are accumulating continuous reviews from customers will ensure that your business continues to grow. The question then becomes “How do you get reviews from customers?”

Happy Customer

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Wow Your Customers

The most obvious step to gaining online reviews is to please your customers, new or old. After serving enough customers, you’re sure to get a few reviews. Making sure that your customers are cared for online starts from the second they see your website, whether they’re mobile or on a laptop or desktop computer. Your site should be ready for any customers to visit, because many of them will leave if it’s not. On the other hand, if your site is optimized for all devices and all operating systems, many people say they’re more likely to come back and make a purchase.

A quality design for your website is an absolute must as well. If your site is a mess, people will become frustrated and likely leave, regardless of whether or not they’re in the middle of a purchase. Making your site look stylish and functional is obviously important, but is especially vital on a mobile device where there is little room and little visibility. For all web platforms you’ll want to be sure to use big, bold fonts, instructions to guide your shopper, and clear navigation so that they can easily find their way around the site. Your website doesn’t just create an impression with ease of use; it also can give the customer a feeling of trust by placing your contact info on the header and/or the footer, right out in the open and by being forthright with product descriptions.

While your customers are searching your website and planning on making purchases it’s necessary to ensure that they don’t leave beforehand. To continue with the aforementioned trust of your customers, if they feel that you have been hiding shipping costs, they are likely to feel lied to and leave. Even beyond that, they may be frustrated by being required to register, an inability to change their options or quantities from the cart, or if your store doesn’t accept certain payments. That’s why your site must come with a powerful web shopping cart, so your customers do not abandon you halfway through their purchase.

Ask For Reviews

After you give your customers an amazing online experience, make sure that you ask for reviews. The vast majority of customers will understand why you’re asking for reviews, (if they didn’t then you wouldn’t see “Please rate this app!” pop up on your mobile apps nearly as much). There are many ways to ask for reviews. One of them is to simply e-mail them shortly after their visit and ask, though you shouldn’t ask them to specifically review you on Yelp or Google+. You could even ask for a review on your order confirmation page. Although not everyone will review your site, more will than if you said nothing at all. By having customers that completed a purchase review your site, you are more likely to receive good reviews (or they may have left your site to begin with) and avoid having new customers see a poor review first thing on their favorite review site.

If you follow these steps with customers, as well as catering to the customers that you already have (and increasing the likelihood of reviews), you will be able to snag those all-important five star reviews to attract new customers.

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