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Analyze Competitor Blogs And Find How They Monetize There Blogs

In blogging “monetize” means to earn money from your blog using different ways. Some time it will be difficult for you to know that which monetization method can work for you. It vary from blog to blog and there nature. A health niche need one of type monetization strategy, a news blog need another one and similarly a blogging blog need different strategy. Of course adsense is the first choice for all webmasters and bloggers. However adsense not work for all type of blogs. In order to solve the equation you need to find your competitor and it is simple, just google it. After finding your competitor use the below tool to analyze it and know about there monetization networks he/she used.

Sitonomy.com is a free tool available on internet which you can use to check the anatomy of a website or blog. Or in other worlds a tool that helps you to find out popular technologies alternatives that you can use to optimize your site or blog.

Analyze Competitor Blogs

Enter the URL of the website and click on “Analyse” button. It will show you about the website components that is used. The end result will be like this;

website components

Analyze Competitor Blogs Now