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Amazing Features of Apple’s new MacBook Pro 15 Inches

Apple has always shown its brilliancy in the world of gadgets. It’s time again apple has come with a new innovative engineering. The new apple presentation is MacBook  Pro 15 inches long with some exquisite features.

apple macbook pro

At first the Processor

The new MacBook pro features a 2.3GHz and 2.6 GHz quad core Intel processor with turbo booster speed up to 3.7GHz. It is also having the third generation 512 GB SATA solid state drive.

This hi-fi processor helps in super fast data transfer, HD video editing etc. Hyper threading technology present here threads both the core to run simultaneously.

Second is the graphics

The new MacBook 15 inches has built in NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 graphics processor. Will you believe it is 60 times faster than all the previous versions? The new MacBook automatically switches it when more and more horsepower is required for playing 3D games and running other software. Basically what you will see is heavenly display.

Third is storage

No special change is brought regarding storage from other previous versions. It has 500 GB hard drive installed. But can be changed t to 720 GB from any apple store.

Fourth is the memory

It comes with 4GB built in RAM which is quite enough for general use but it can also be changed and you can opt for 8GB if you need more working space.

Facetime  HD camera

Never seen before this high definition camera helps in video chatting with your friends and the clarity is so cool and perfect that it seems both are in same room.

High definition calls can be made from this 15 inch apple MacBook to iphones, iPad, iPod etc.

Thunderbolt data transfer

Data transfer is no longer a slow process. Data transfer lightening fast and its 10 times than previous ones.

Other specifications are also there like a battery backup never seen before, multi touched track pad, already installed brilliant apps like address book, facetime(already mentioned), garage band, iCall, iMovie etc.

Altogether it is an example of superb technology and obviously better than previous versions. So without wasting time in stories, feel the reality. Go buy and enjoy.

Author Bio:- This  article is written by Jaykrishna Yadav ,he is a part time blogger and an article writer He has his guest posting and link building service  , He works  as a contributor to Irvine SEO . He love to be a part of this blog .

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