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Amateur’s Guide to Digital Cameras

When buying camera for the first time you may be unsure how to go about it. You may not be interested in some facts and features unless you are looking to buy a camera to perform specific tasks, but having full knowledge abut the thing you are about to spend your money is not worthless.

digital cameras


A camera’s resolution is measured in megapixels. It means the number of pixels a camera has to take a picture with, the higher the number of pixels the better the quality of the picture will be. Cameras with more megapixels take more memory space to save a picture but the picture can be printed in large size without losing the quality. Spare memory cards can be used.

Zoom Function and Lens

Another feature is the zoom function so that you can take distant shots. What first time buyers don’t know is that there is two types of zoom function; digital zoom to enlarge sections of picture so that it looks closer to you. Optical zoom, this is the one that matters more as it brings the objects closer to you. This next feature may not be of interest to many but it can be an important function, aperture. Aperture determines how much light is let into the camera while taking a picture.

Shutter Speed

Cameras with a good shutter speed help to freeze image in an instant. Cameras with wide range of shutter speeds can take photography to high levels.  It can give you a chance to manipulate the picture the way you desire. Another thing to check when you buy a digital camera is to check what kind of storage medium it needs. There are a variety of types of cards available in the market as well as the size of memory cards. Pictures can be transferred to you PC. Memory cards are also helpful to avoid the pain of having to delete some pictures because of the lack of space for new pictures.

Author Bio:- Nuur is passionate photographer who loves photography for its art’s sake. When he is not clicking pictures, Nuur is busy exploring about Exchange Hosting.

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