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All You Need to Know about Spyware

In today’s world it is impossible to protect themselves from unwanted programs and so it is impossible to avoid it because everyone today is using computer for either work or fun. How would you carefree surf there are some programs that protect us and trying to block unwanted software but Windows users at least once are convinced that this is not always possible. Spyware is a broad category of malicious software without our knowledge is installed on our computer and then collects and sends information to an unknown direction and without your knowledge.


Very likely we would not even know that we have some spyware on your computer that is not slow down the computer and starts to behave strangely. Strange in the sense that appear different commercials on startup or the browser redirects to the website of a commercial product that we not chosen and very often sending our personal information (including both numbers and credit card information), the purpose or theft of the same data or to collect information on our Web habits for marketing purposes.

Unlike viruses and worms, spyware does not multiply on a computer and you usually get it when visiting sites with illegal or pornographic content. Unfortunately these sites are now the most visited and it is no wonder that the expansion of the various versions of spyware flower.

History of spyware takes us fifteen years ago precisely in 1995. when the term was first mentioned and then the software is meant for espionage and later the definition of spyware is expanded as well as the spread of the spyware features. Until 2006. was nothing much has changed but there was no great threat of spyware and hackers when they discovered that all those who use Internet Explorer as a web browser are particularly vulnerable because IE was integrated into Windows and thus were able to infect key parts of Windows. This particularly applies to the Windows registry because it might be some processes execute automatically and so to install spyware without your knowledge.

Spyware is often associated with the term adware. Yes, many will immediately think of the software that will on the computer erupt commercials and this is partly true. Spyware will scan and monitor your habits and accordingly send data to an FTP server or they will display advertisements that they think that you are interested. This is a subspecies of spyware and it is not popular as you thought. The best known examples are the Gator and Bargain Buddy – products that are considered spyware by many, many computers were infected by them. From known spyware best known example is CoolWebSearch – a small program that does great damage. Most often you can get it in illegal bundled with other software that you have download it and he’d changed your home page in the web browser (IE were affected, and Mozilla Firefox) and takes you to a suspicious site to be even more infected. There were still and Internet Optimizer, HuntBar, Movieland, WeatherStudio Zango and who attacked IE and worked on a similar principle – throwing your pop-up and collecting data and with it all slow down your computer. With these effects they knew to show some undesirable actions such as strange behavior of CPU, hard drive and internet. Everything would be slowed down and in this way you was prevented to perform a particular job. Specifically some spyware could block your Internet connection and you not be able to connect to the Internet or if you could connect then you had big problems. Not to mention that the deliberate spreading of such content is a punishable in the U.S. and the UK but slowly and some other countries begin to fight the cyber attack. To prevent all this however there are some programs that can help to protect some extent.

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