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Updated October 6, 2023

Telehandlers also known as a teleboom, teleporter, or boom lifts, are widely used throughout the construction and farming industry. They main function of these machines is to elevate objects such as work platforms up to areas where work needs to be done. Over the years several attachments have been designed to be used with these machines for multiple applications around the jobsite. Today I would like to discuss some of these attachments.

Probably the most popular attachment for telehandlers is pallet forks. Most telehandlers have large lifting capacities up to and over 10,000 lbs. With this type of lifting capacity combined with class 3 pallet forks, you have the ultimate lifting machine. This works well for doing masonry work on large buildings. It makes lifting pallets of brick or cinder blocks up to the workers a breeze.

Another great attachment combined with a telehandler is the work platform. Work platforms lift as many as two workers up into the air safely to do work such as siding, painting, or building structures. Normally work platforms are rated for 1000 lbs. with 5000 lb. safety tie downs for workers to strap their safety harnesses to. All work platforms must meet or exceed OSHA specifications.

Combine a telehandler with an industrial jib attachment to give your machine the extra reach to lift such material as trusses onto a roof. Typically, the jib attachments have several length settings with different weight ratings at each setting. Make sure to check your jib’s specifications before making any lift. Jibs must also meet or exceed OSHA regulations.

A popular telehandler attachment among roofers is the telehandler trash hopper attachment. This attachment is perfect for safely removing debris from roofs such as shingles or old rubber guard. This attachment can also be used for jobsite cleanup. The large capacity is like having an aerial dumpster!

Maneuvering large amounts of concrete into tough to reach areas is now simple with the Concrete Hopper Attachment for your telehandler. This attachment can be fitted with a manual or hydraulic door to control the flow of the concrete. With the telescoping capabilities of a telehandler and a concrete hopper that holds up to ¾ of a yard, you can literally pour concrete almost anywhere.

Lifting heavy large items with your telehandler when straps are necessary more safely with a fork mounted spreader bar. These spreader bars come in many different sizes. Some are adjustable and some are not. The more popular ones are adjustable. This allows the operator to lift wide objects safely.

Around the farm, a telehandler is also a very useful tool especially when working with hay bale handling. Attachments such as hay bale spears, for round or square bales, are especially useful. Another very safe effective hay bale tool is the bale grabber bucket. This allows the operator to safely lift large round or square hay bales up into the barn or onto a trailer without spears. The bale grabber bucket is also useful for brush cleanup after storms.

Plow snow with your telehandler with a fork mounted snow blade attachment or clear parking lots with the snow pusher attachment. These new style attachments give your machine a use for heavy winter snow falls. With most machines having aggressive tires and 4-wheel drive you will easily remove deep heavy snow.

The last attachment I would like to cover is the telehandler bucket. Use your machine to move dirt or gravel around the jobsite with ease. Because of the telescoping feature of a telehandler you are able to place dirt or other material where no other machine can.

So as you can see, the telehandler is a multi-use machine with new attachments being engineered every year. If you have any questions about these attachments, please visit our website

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