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Akismet WordPress Plugin 2.5 New Features- Upgrade Now

Akismet WordPress Plugin which is one of the best and secure plugin that protects your blog from spam. This time they added some more features so that it can protect your blog in more secure way. Previously it was difficult to know that if there is any hidden link in the comment or not. If you wanted to know then you will have to edit the comment, but now you can see the links in comments just at your comments approval box.

akismet no spam

Akismet WordPress Plugin 2.5 Features

1. Links are Highlighted

akismet plugin features

Now you can see the links are clearly highlighted in comments and other you can easily see them. Say good by to that spammers who were using the method to hide the links in comment. Now you can easily stop them.

2. Comments Status History

Akismet also add comment status history where you can see that whether a comment is caught as a spam, approved or flagged by the plugin. You can see in the above screen shot that “Flagged as spam by Akismet” sentences, that indicates that the comment is a spam one and sended to Spam folder.

The plugin automatically send new comments in Spam folder and when you Approve or Reject the comment, Akismet record the action and then apply for every new comment made by the same users. For Example just look at to the below screen shot.

akismet wordpress plugin 2.5

Now Akismet is more powerful and helps you in protecting your blog against bad guys. If you have not upgraded to the latest version, then it is strongly advised to upgrade to the latest version. So that you can protect your blog from spam comments.

How to Upgrade?

Go to your Dashboard>Updates> and select Akismet to update. Or You can also update it from Dashboard>Pluggins>.

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