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Advertising Network from A to Z: How To Promote Brands Online and Succeed


Advertising Networks

The effectiveness of classic promotional channels has started to go down for the past years. Social networks like Facebook are cheating hiding inflated ad metrics thus providing advertisers and publishers with false information. Another problem that any brand faces when choosing the channel for promotion is banner blindness. Besides the fact that users simply ignore ads, 54% of them don’t click banner ads because they don’t trust them. Companies are paying for the advertisement that will never be seen by the target audience. Advertising networks were made to make the product promotion more useful and cost-effective.

Advertising networks

Advertising network – an online platform that allows advertisers and brands to reach their target audience. Such networks have been improved with the time and are now introduced as complete ecosystems with a set tool for right ads customization and targeting.

Moder ad networks show a great result in CTR rate of 7-8% while traditional banner ads only generate CTR of 0,1 – 1 %. Such networks as PopSlide, EasyVisual, CashTree have already introduced their products to the global audience and gather millions of people within one system.

The founder of an advertising network EasyVisual Rafal Szymanski says that such networks are currently changing the way people see ads. They spend more time online which means that it is likely for companies to reach potential clients through a smartphone or a tablet which users unlock from 80 to 110 times per day. Ad networks provide companies with the possibility to set the targeting of their ads in accordance with users’ personal characteristics which results in only real views, relevant ads and allows brands to reach only potential clients.

In EasyVisual the team created an app that covers several markets like USA, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Poland, Germany etc. and provides statistics on the views and conversion rate of the ads. Such a network will be useful for various market spheres and also works as a source of traffic for mobile apps and services.

Create your own network

Creating own network for products promotion requires deep research and analysis in order to provide users with a useful tool for reaching the target audience. The following steps should be taken by anyone who’s planning to launch own ad network:

Analyze the market: carefully and precisely educate the market and competitors, see what solutions have been already introduced and what opportunities were still not being implemented.
Attract the audience: when creating your own network, you should already have a base of users that will later result in potential clients for brands and companies. Customers won’t use the network where they have no people to show their ads to.

Define potential clients: cosmetics, clothing, applications, electronic devices – the variety is endless. Choose the right direction of the market which can be promoted in your network.

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  • Mark

    November 8, 2018, 5:06 pm

    Rafal did a great job creating this awesome network. It’s definitely a big step and the future of pr and marketing advertisement. Tryed it myself, the CTR is really 7-8%.


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