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Advantages of Google+ Business Pages

Google has been making changes in its services to support its social networking site Google+. Launched last June, Google + did not receive positive response from users to begin with. But after the recent developments, such as Google+ introducing business pages – things have finally started to look brighter for the social networking site. Its integration into Google’s search has definitely made Google+ stand out from its competitors. It’s a “win-win” situation for both Google and businesses alike. Here’s how you can go about using Google+ business pages to your advantage –

SEO made easy

Google is making SEO easy for you with Google+. Add a Google+ button to your blog, website, Facebook brand page and so on, that directs a user to your Google+ brand page – and get in as many circles as you can. This is one way to appear, and even rank better in Google’s search results. The business page should be optimized for keywords that are relevant to your business niche. Your introduction and taglines are considered the best places to insert these keywords.

Customer engagement

You can connect easily with your followers now with the Google+ brand page. Take advantage of the fact that you can interact with your users easily, and get feedback on your products, services or company as a whole. Be a customer oriented brand to gain loyalty.


You can make use of the “hangout” feature to communicate with current and prospective clients. Hangout is a video chat system that can be used to hold video conferences with your business partners or clients without having to add any extra application.

Google services integration

You can benefit from Google+ hugely as it will be integrated with other Google services like search, Youtube, Gmail and so on. If you are successful in getting “+1”s from such services for your brand page, it’s possible that you’ll rank better in search results.

You can make use of “Circles” feature to separate the different followers of your business’ page. This makes it easier for you to communicate with each group in a manner that’s more relevant to them. Sending messages too becomes easier with the use of circles.


These are a few advantages of Google + brand pages that can help promote your business. It is easy to open a business page on Google+. So get an account today, share interesting content with your followers and, follow them back. Be an active member of the Google+ community!

Author Bio: Penny Cooper is a senior writer with content writing service and blog writing service firm Godot Media. She has interests ranging from social media, copywriting to following web technologies and trends.

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