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Add Facebook Comments Form In WordPress Blog

Facebook has a very useful social plugin which is used  to add a facebook comment form in a wordpress blog. The process is very simple, but you need to understand a few things before adding facebook comment form in your blog.

You will have to remove the default comment form from your blog. Which will also remove all the comments made on your blog. Although it will be available in the database, but will not appear in the posts where it was posted. You can always display the default form after adding a php code [Details in Step.3]

Only new bloggers can add facebook comment form from the beginning, however you can also add in your existing blog.

How to Add Facebook Comments Form?

1. Login to your facebook account and go to Create an App link.

create facebook app

Enter your blog Title, URL and select language. Click on “Create app” button and then pass the spam authentication.

On the next page you will get App ID for your blog. Copy the App ID, as we will be using the ID in the next step.

2. Now go to the Comments Form Page.

Paste the App ID in the box “Unique ID” and click on the “Get Code” button. Copy the code and add it your blog.

You must first remove the default comment form from your wordpress blog to display Facebook Comment form.

How to Delete Default Comment Form form WordPress?

3. Open single.php file

Find the below code in the file and delete it.

<?php comments_template(); ?>

4. Save the file.

Now paste the facebook comment form code (step.2) in your blog to display the new form.


Hope you like the tutorial, let me know if you have any problem while adding the form.