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A Review of Google’s Rating Guidelines

The Google’s Rating Guidelines are important to be learned when it comes to deal with the public. The online users are the main target of these guidelines. When uploading any material or content online especial using the services of Google such as chrome web store the users have to take care about the rating guidelines. In order to have information about these guidelines reviews are important. A complete review can provide authentic and close information about the actual fits and costs of the Google’s Rating Guidelines. If you have information then its good otherwise find the related points and terms to enjoy the services of Google.

Divisions of Google’s Rating Guidelines

The Google’s Rating Guidelines have been divided into different categories. These categories are important for different types of contents and materials. The categories are divided on the bases of web contents and information. As a matter of fact Google web store contains information and knowledge about each and everything from religious contents to pornography. So there is a great need to rate the contents of different natures in order to provide better search options to the online uses. It comes to clear when you insert some keywords then only related materials come in front. You might have never seen any porn website or content when searching websites related to kids. It is because of rating guidelines that keep the different materials in separate sections.

What are the bases of Google’s Rating Guidelines?

There are mainly three bases of Google’s Rating Guidelines. These three categories are called as “Not mature”, “Mature” and “Sexually explicit.” First of all the “Not mature” category should be discussed. Google’s Rating Guidelines suggest the apps, ads, contents, information, videos and websites that contain non sexual materials such as a man and woman kissing or hugging, non sexual dating tips and relations and information about the bra selection and wearing. This information is considered as “Not mature” so these are allowed open web accesses.

What are mature contents?

According to Google’s Rating Guidelines the images and videos of women wearing lingerie, shorts, bikinis and thongs, apps and ads that explain the adult information and material, sexy poses and images with porn graphics but having complete descriptions and information are considered mature contents. So these websites and materials and considered “Mature.” In most of the cases we see the online images and videos carrying information that can increase the sexual feelings. These contents are categorized and rated as mature.

Google’s Rating Guidelines about Sexually explicit contents

These are the pure porn, nude or sex images, videos, movies and information. The porn websites and links are also rated as sexually explicit contents according to the Google’s Rating Guidelines. Most of the sites contain open sex links and porn sites so these are also rated as sexually explicit sites. There are many benefits of Google’s Rating Guidelines for all types of users. With the help of rating the users can avoid the accidental opening of porn sites in homes and offices.

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