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A Quick Guide to Get Toll Free Phone Numbers

With increase in competition in the market, many companies have realized the need of being in touch with their customers to maintain high standards of customer satisfaction. Today, almost every business owns a separate customer service desk to deal with customer related issues and improve relations thereafter. Apparently, customer service desk have become an important part of each organization and considered to be one of the easiest modes of communication for customers and clients, to get in touch with the company.

Today, nearly every organization owns the facility of Free Phone numbers or Toll-free numbers to make the communication process easier and free of cost for both the parties. This special service was first introduced by At&T Company in 1987 keeping in view the need of communication between organizations and their customers. Since then a significant increase in demand has been seen around the world. Free phone numbers are also known as Toll – free numbers in many countries that usually begin with a series of 1800.

Toll – free numbers enable clients to get in contact with the organization for free from anywhere in the country. The company is completely responsible for the charges of call made by customers. Therefore, a customer doesn’t have to pay even a single penny for a toll free call. Most online toll-free number providers permit to choose the number which you want for an extra charge. It is very easy to understand the functioning of these numbers. The owner of the business has to subscribe to the toll free service providers to get it. However, the rates vary on the basis of the area coverage of the number and proximity of the call. Now let’s understand the procedure of subscribing the number.

Procedure for Subscription of toll free service

Basically, there are two ways to subscribe for toll free services. You may use any one of them depending upon your requirement and organizational needs.

  • The first way to get subscription is by directly getting in touch with the service providers. All you need is to simply call them, specify your needs and make the payment. However, many companies do not give the option of choosing a specific number. They randomly assign you the numbers and you have to accept it. They have standard rates which do not fluctuate on the basis of market condition. The drawback for this service is that, they do not give many features as compared to a virtual phone service provider.
  • The second alternative is through a virtual phone service provider. However, this alternative is considered to be a better choice when it comes to subscribing to a toll free service. They can not only give better deals but also provide additional features to the subscriber. An online virtual toll free service provider also provides the facility of choosing a specific number from the list of numbers assigned to you. The benefits of getting toll free number from virtual toll free providers is that, it gives you the flexibility of choosing a number, adjustment of rates and facility of corresponding different toll – free numbers to one service provider without any confusion.

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