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A Quick Guide on Replacing Inkjet Cartridges

We use printers for various purposes like printing documents, scanning photos, as a fax machine, etc. And most often we keep using them till we notice that the prints aren’t good or till the time when the printer stops printing. You must have seen the alerts which let you know that ink levels in the cartridges are running low.

Some printer cartridges have a meter on them that allows you to monitor the amount of ink left. Other old inkjet printers will not alert you with a warning but you may notice the prints looking smudgy or sometimes even blank. All these alerts convey that the cartridge is running out of ink and it needs to be replaced.

Refilling cartridges will save you money but may not give you the satisfaction that you get while using new ones. But it is a good option to refill old cartridges as they are economical and environment-friendly. You can also purchase remanufactured cartridges from a good e-store.

Here are a few steps that will help you in replacing inkjet cartridges.

While replacing the cartridge make sure that you are ready with a new one before removing the old one.

  • Locate and open the access door of the printer cartridge. The location of the cartridge access door varies for different printers. On opening it, you will be able to access the inkjet cartridge.
  • Turn off the printer and find the ink cartridge placed inside the carriage of the printer. The carriage is the device that makes the ink cartridges slide over the paper, during the process of printing.
  • Lift or turn the latches holding the ink cartridges in place. Ensure that you are removing the right cartridge because most of the inkjet printers have two cartridges – one for black and one for color.
  • Remove the cartridge that is in use. You can either recycle or replace it. If you consider recycling it, then do so by looking at the instructions on the box of the inkjet cartridge. Many companies provide instructions, packaging material and free postage if you wish to recycle your old cartridges.
  • You can also replace it with a new inkjet cartridge. Make sure to fasten the latch that holds the new cartridge.
  • Close the lid of the cartridge access door and turn on the printer.
  • Some of the printers self-check and align themselves once you close the cartridge access door, while some others need to be checked manually. Run a test print to ensure that your printer is working well.
  • If it does not work properly even after changing the cartridge, it means that the cartridge is not securely placed. Place it again properly.

Follow the above instructions carefully to replace cartridges. Replacing a worn out cartridge with a new one is a simple task and it always gives a good print result. Changing the printer cartridge is easy with most of the inkjet printers. The instructions provided above hold good for most models.

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