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A Practical Guide to Finding the Right Overhead Projector for Your Office

Nobody really buys overhead projectors regularly. Unless you are in charge of purchasing equipment and office supplies for a big company, it is one thing that you only buy once or at most twice. To get you money’s worth it is important that you compare different units before you purchase one.

Here are a few things that you should look for in a projector:

Assess Your Needs

There are two kinds of projectors: portable and fixed. If you will be taking these things along for conventions or events out of the office opt for the former. They are smaller and pack easily in bags. However, if there is no need for this, pick the fixed types to save on money. Portable units tend to cost a little bit more.

Look for a Bright Lamp

If you want to your presentations to be clear, look for overhead projectors for sale with higher lumen lamps. Look lamps that have a lumen output of 3000 – 4000. These kinds of lamps are best for conference rooms or dark classrooms. If the area you will be working is conducive for reading choose lower outputs to save money.

Choose Good Features

One recommended feature in projectors is the Hi/Lo switch. This switch allows the user to choose between 2 lamp brightness configurations depending on the environment. You can choose to have a low output lamp if the area is dark enough for a clear presentation or a bright lamp if otherwise.

Another feature one can look for a lamp changer feature. This kind of setup allows you to have a spare lamp that can easily be used in case the primary bulb burns out. Like a spare tire, it can save you the hassle of having to look for other means to project or show your presentation.

An important feature you should look into is the type of head assembly. While there are many different types, for greater flexibility choose an open double head assembly. This type is good for all purposes and can easily be cleaned and dusted off without having to mechanically open the assembly.

Although projectors may be a considerable expense, these kinds of things are something like legacy equipment that rarely breaks down. If you followed the guide above and picked one with good quality, the only things you need to worry in a projector unit are its bulbs and fuses. They are often the 2 things that people need to replace to keep it running. In the end, always remember that picking a quality product is by first knowing your needs.

Author Bio:- Harry Shane is an online shopping expert and a blogger, offering practical tips and ways to get the best bargain for shoppers around the world. He recommends GetPrice comparison website as a good source of cheap products online.

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