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A New Product by Apple – How Popular is it Going to be?

Yes, Apple once again is launching a new product – just after one month of release of iPhone 5. Sales of iPhone 5 boosted the demand of Apple products by a large number. Is this new product going to increase the sales too, and help Apple reach its target? The new product is nothing other than the new iPad. This new version of iPad can be called iPad mini or iPad 4th generation. There are lots and lots of gossips and rumors going around in the market about the new iPad that is going to be launched on October 23rd, 2012. Let’s see what we have about the new iPad:

Mini iPad

What is in the new iPad:

The new iPad is considered to be different from the past three generations of iPad in many ways such as looks, specifications, size, and top of all, price. Recently Apple customers have not been really satisfied with Apple products especially regarding price of iPad. May be that is the reason why Apple has decided to launch a new iPad. Let’s take a look at the detailed description of the new iPad:

How low is the price this time?

If we take a look at Apple’s products, this iPad is going to be the cheapest product in the history of Apple products. This upcoming iPad’s price is going to be as low as $200 (GBP 200). If this rumor is correct, there is going to be a great competition in the market between different tablets as a large number of tablets price ranges from $200-$300. This idea of price drop may attract a large number of customers as many people will be able to afford a ‘cheap iPad’ now.

How will the new iPad look:

The new iPad is expected to look more alike the new iPhone 5. Slate colored back, and smaller charging dock. The biggest thing that might surprise, and attract more iPad users is the size of the iPad. Recently, the Ex-CEO of Apple Steve Jobs did not consider the idea of making a smaller iPad as it would be too big to compete with phones and too small to compete with tablet PCs. Since Steve Jobs is dead and the management of Apple Inc. has changed, they have decided to launch a smaller version of the iPad that might be known as iPad mini, iPad Nano or iPad air. If a smaller version of iPad is launched, it might be successful and fulfill the dream of its users to use an iPad with one hand.

Other new features:

The new iPad is expected to have a minimum of 3G connectivity. That is a nice idea by Apple to make its iPad a better product. But on the other hand, the new iPad might lack mobile connectivity. Let’s see now if that turn out to be true.

The new iPad is going to be launched pretty soon and is expected to be available in market for sale on November 2nd, 2012.

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