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A Need Gap Called Content Marketing: Is the Gap Still There?

It is known very well that the origin of the concept of content marketing isn’t new. Why are these books written? What is the need of a book, paper, magazine etc. The answer is simple, we all need information regarding any subject of our interest. Funny is the thought that all books and reading material is comprised of content. Now where does Marketing fit in? Everywhere!! Yes, that’s true whatever any author/ writer writes is content but the style of writing matters a lot. If you are presenting your content in a unique way and people find it interesting you already marketed your content well.

Content Marketing Gap

What’s the GAP?

The question arises is, is there still a need gap in the field of content marketing? Yes because as there is always space for improvement similarly there is always requirement of unique content. But what does a unique content mean? There are no rules but certain guidelines that should be followed while you urge to increase the readability of your content. What is considered as the most engrossing effect of any content is how interactive, informative and colored with relevant images.

De facto

The fact that today every business owner markets his product/service, they try every possible medium to reach their target audience and content marketing is a potential medium to reach efficiently and effectively. People spend half of their time on internet where unlimited products are available to choose from. But nowadays, people just don’t buy but research and read about that product/service. Now, hence it matters to write a well versed article about your product which engages your target audience so that they ultimately purchase your product.

The Social Media talk

Everyone is trying to make presence on social media as soon as they come up with a product or business idea. Of course it is important but what is more important is compiling a qualitative content strategy to promote your product anywhere online. Imagine, that only a silly picture with just a tag line on your social media page. It won’t impact at all and the memories of watching your product there will fade away soon. Hence, you first need to think about creatively presenting your product through informative and compelling content, then promote your content on socially and your product will be public and handy to be found and will increase interest rate of the target readers.

Target Market & Recent Trends

There is always a target market for any & every product and the owner of that product should know their target audience very well. For instance, if you are a bulk SMS service provider and you want to post an article about your product review where will you post it? Apart from your own blog you definitely will want to make presence on some great blogs and article posting sites which have good ranks. So, I don’t think you’ll be posting your article on a fashion e-zine or a wedding magazine. It’s common sense that you’ll be posting it on technology e-zines. The need gap of content marketing will exist till everyone starts producing quality and unique content. I’ll sum up some points as the summary of what I am trying to say, below –

  • Find your target market and then write.
  • Your target customer on social media will like your product only if you are representing it in interactive way. Connect with your customer to inspire.
  • Content marketing is not an advertising medium. There is a thin line between promotion and hard core advertising.
  • Earn your viewers and readers, paying extra bucks for advertising will only be for a limited time but a compelling article will attract, educate, prevail and induce your readers to keep wanting to read more about your product.
  • Maintaining continuity in making presence on your preferred  sites with well crafted content is very necessary to stay and be the talk of the town.

Content Grooming

Market is always heating up with newer trends of content styling. You need to keep walking with those trends or this marketing race will disqualify you and re-positioning will take a lot of time. So it’s better to always remain in the scene and attend market trends, make your own content grooming styles and retain your readers.

Author Bio:- Surabhi is a content strategist at msg91.com, which deals in bulk text sms, voice sms and long code services. She is a guest blogger and has an eye for details. Passionate writer with creative attitude.

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