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A Look into Glass and Apple Inc

Much has been made of Steve Jobs’ eleventh hour decision to switch the first generation iPhone’s touch screen  from plastic to glass. At the end of the day, Steve magnificently realized, most people will have their phones in their pockets along with their keys. And keys and plastic don’t mix.

While Steve Jobs’ legacy lives on and his genius is undeniable, the game changer for the iPhone was the piece of glass. Today, the iPhone business ALONE, is larger than Microsoft’s annual revenue.

This innovation in mobile technology has been going hand in hand with advancements in glass.

Glass manufacturers are now creating thinner, stronger, and more scratch-resistant glass fixtures.

By chemically strengthening the glass, it is far more resistant to radial, lateral, and median cracks. And not to mention, scratches! Steve Jobs’ biggest concern.

Aside from the touchsceen glass front, Apple’s latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone4S also sports a glass back cover. Glass on both sides of the phone, replacing the first generation’s aluminum case design, with glass.

And now there is even glass upon glass. Jumping on the iPhone bandwagon, there are several iPhone accessory companies selling an extra layer of scratch-resistant tempered-glass, 0.4mm thick, to further protect your iPhone.

We all know by now, the best way to create a viral video sensation on the internet is to try your hardest to break the glass on an iPhone or an iPad.

There are scores of videos showing drop tests, gangs of kids attacking brand new iPads, and the latest is a video showing an iPad dropping 100,000ft. from space and surviving. As in, the screen didn’t shatter either. While that is a testament to the protective case that was used in the video, it is also a testament to the advances in glass used by Apple.

And it is not all about durability in the glass world. Apple prides themselves on being environmentally friendly with their innovative products. This means the glass that is used in their product line is arsenic-free glass.  This is now the industry standard, both in and out of the technology world.

Additionally, Apple’s innovation with glass is not relegated to handheld gadgets. Most notably, Steve Jobs was working hand in hand with the City of Cupertino, California, to build a brand new Apple Headquarters.

Apple took their current HQ of ‘1 Infinite Loop’, and made it 1 Infinite Loop, and beyond. Designs of their new HQ show the building as being one of a kind. The building has a radial shape, and this disc-like architecture not only extends to the interior walls of the building, but this also includes the glass exterior. That means 360-degree curved glass around the whole building. Think of a giant glass spaceship landing in the middle of a 175 acre plot of land. This is a reality, and it is happening starting in 2013 and it will be completed in late 2015, and it will be home to 12,000 employees. All with a beautiful view, provided by the use of glass walls.

Author Bio:- Shahab Shokouhi is a Writer at Dulles Glass and Mirror — a manufacturer of commercial and residential glass products including tempered glass, glass table tops, and shower doors.

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