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A Look at the World’s Most Expensive Gaming Gadgets

If you are an avid gamer, then you must also be a collector of games and memorabilia. Do you remember how it felt when you bought your first Commodore-64 or maybe a PlayStation? A lot of money is invested in gaming. Gamers do not mind having to shell out dollars on new games released every month. However, there have been certain innovations that have been titled the most expensive of all gaming gadgets. Are you, as a collector, willing to empty your wallets to add these jewels to your crown collection? Well then, here’s a take on some gaming gadgets.

Nintendo Wii Supreme

Gold is the king’s colour, and diamond is his jewel. The $480,000 Nintendo Wii Supreme is indeed the most expensive gaming consoles in the world, crafted for royalty. With 2500g of 22-carat gold plated outer cover, the Wii Supreme also has 78 quarter carat diamonds summing up to 19.5 carats fitted on the front buttons. Designed by the Midas of the present world, Stuart Hughes, it is one of the popular gaming gadgets being made.

PS3 Supreme

A game king’s guilty pleasure is the $320,000 PS3 Supreme. It is officially known to be the most expensive PS3 in the world with a 22-carat gold plated cover weighing 1600g. The disc tray is lined on both sides with 58 half-carat diamonds totally adding up to 29 carats. Designed and crafted by Stuart Hughes, it is meant for gamers of the elite class.

The Emperor Workstation 200

Why would you buy an apartment if you can pay a $40,000 to live in your dream home? With its comfortable leather recliner, 19-inch synchronized LCD screens with webcam, and wireless noise-cancelling booming headphones, this gadget is the perfect replacement for your living room furniture. It is integrated with PS3, a Blu-ray player and has its own lighting system.

Gold Game Boy

A retro gamer’s new expensive toy is this $29,500 Game Boy. It has an 18-carat gold plated outer cover with Pave diamonds embedded around the screen. Tetris has never been better with this fancy bling version of Nintendo’s Game Boy.

VRX Mach 4 racing simulator

A gamer of any generation would go cuckoo over this $25,000 gaming machine. With its four Xbox 360s, three 1080p HD 37-inch Sharp Aquos LCD screens and a rear view 7-inch LCD screen, the simulator brings to the user a whole new level of HD graphics. Added to the visuals is a Bose system from the Acoustimass 10 series, an Italian modelled Sparco Monza automotive seat, LED light effects, a 1500W vibration system, a 1900W power amplifier, twin virtual fans and a beverage containment system. The game is designed to be thrilling and promises to deliver what it displays.

With population of gamers increasing, new innovations are on the rise. There are more to this list of expensive games. The love for gaming is so strong that gaming companies are creating better games and gaming consoles to attract players. The question is whether you are willing to empty your bank accounts to add these gadgets to your collection.

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