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A Host of Do’s and Don’ts When Deciding on Services for your Business

No one can ever completely avoid downtime or running into technical glitches, but there are some ways that you can minimize the scale of apocalyptic horror if tech problems ever happen. The answer is to vary your services! Any smart and good web hosting company will offer you all-inclusive packages, which can be very good, but as good as the services may be, sometimes it can be really beneficial to diversify.

Apocalyptic Lights Out

The primary reason for diversifying your web services would be so that it lessens the destructive force that downtime can be. If all of your web services, including emailing, are tied into your web host, that means that when your host goes down, it all goes down! So, regardless of how reliable and amazing your hosting company is, you will eventually experience some downtime. Still having access to email to contact clients – or even your hosting company – to discuss the problem and keep people informed of the progress and estimated length of the downtime could be very helpful for your business operations.

Business Server

What Does Make a Good Pair?

We can suggest pairing your domain with your webhost. Some don’t recommend this, because it means a full domain transfer if you switch hosts as opposed to merely updating your DNS settings. Honestly, if you are switching hosts, it’s already a process in and of itself, and so throwing the domain switch in there doesn’t increase the level of difficulty. We also think this pairing makes sense because your host should be focused 100% on your website needs and keep it running ship shape anyway.

Domain services do not detract from your host being 100% focused on your web site needs and offering the best possible service. Likewise, having an email host that is easy to set up and has their service focused 100% on your email needs, will ensure that you get the best possible deal that your business requires for email. The bottom line is for you to diversify your services, but to choose industry leaders who can be highly focused on one thing for your company so that you get the best of what they have to offer.

Although some people are concerned with losing SERP ranking and their international SEO presence when switching hosts, this fear is actually partly false. A switch to a new host needs to be done correctly, see here for an example, in order to not lose SERP ranking. However, this risk is the same regardless of where the domain is registered. It is actually a matter of the search engine recognizing the new IP address and dealing with the bit of downtime that must occur during the switch.

Ultimately, go with whatever works best for your business, but consider how diversity can help minimize downtime disasters and lead to improved services for your business.

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  • Tauseef Alam

    March 19, 2016, 11:35 am

    Hi Bilal,

    Which web hosting service do you personally use and what hosting services would you like to suggest to your readers. Any recommendations?


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