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A Heavenly Match: Cloud Computing and E-Commerce

Thinking of moving into the cloud? You’re not alone. Cloud computing can help e-commerce companies expand their horizons, save money, and operate more efficiently. Here’s how.

It Makes Your Company Scalable

Every business’s ultimate goal is to grow revenues and profits. Because of this, you have to have a way to scale up your bandwidth. But, this is where many businesses fall down. They’re trying to manage everything themselves, and it’s just not working.

A business website will naturally have spikes in traffic from time to time and these spikes need to be scaled properly. How? With cloud computing. A ‘pay-as-you-grow’ model gives you more bandwidth when you need it.

Cloud Data CenterBut, just as important, it also scales back when you don’t need it. One of the biggest costs, especially for online businesses, is bandwidth. When your traffic spikes, you need a way to handle it. But when it falls off, you don’t want to pay for bandwidth that you’re not using.

Most hosting providers only sell flat, rigid, plans that don’t scale or that don’t scale automatically or smoothly. This leaves you with an intractable problem: you either pay too much for your bandwidth, or you don’t have enough to suit your needs.

A good cloud host knows how to anticipate these traffic spikes, and can smooth out that volatility across all of its servers.

It Improves Security And Compliance

The exact location where your data lives doesn’t matter anymore – not really. With cloud hosting, all you really care about is the SLA (service level agreement) backing the promises of the company and the security of the data center.

Many businesses are audited on a regular basis, and these audits often result in fines if the company hasn’t taken the necessary steps to secure their customers’ data. For a good-sized company, the fines can stretch into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Cloud computing can simplify the compliance issues by creating a custom solution for an industry which is standardized and pre-approved. Then, by offering an SLA, you get the peace of mind you need to go about your business.

You Get Affordable Tech Support

IBM cloud hosting is one of the few services out there that offers good support while still minimizing costs. Going with a solution like this could save you $50,000 or more. Why? These types of solutions tend to be up to 70 percent less expensive than on-site or traditional hosted solutions.

Data loss recovery is especially important. Not all IT departments do this very well (oddly enough). A recovery plan should have your data back in minutes, not hours or days (and certainly not weeks). If your service provider can’t give you an SLA that promises this, it’s time to move on to one that does.

There Are a Range Of Pricing Schemes

Cloud hosting also benefits from clear pricing schemes. Sure, there are companies out there that try to obscure how they price their services, but the better ones have transparent ‘pay as you grow’ pricing. Look for that, and also don’t be afraid to negotiate the price if it’s just out of your reach.

Shirley Polk has held a number of management positions in computing. She likes the opportunity to share her experiences online. Her posts can be found on a number of different websites relevant to the industry.

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