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A Glance At Samsung’s 51″ E8000 Series 8 SMART Full HD Plasma TV

The E8000 Series 8 is one of Samsung’s latest additions to their Plasma TV collection. It supports full HD 1080p viewing (1920 x 1080 Resolution), providing a razor-sharp and crystal clear picture, which is great for a multipurpose TV user. The 600Hz Subfield Motion used ensures seamless performance, giving incisive motion pictures, increasing the appeal to those with a keen interest in gaming.

Appearance and positioning

Although the 51” model is ideal as either a wall fixture or a standalone unit, its 64” sister is slightly too bulky to be wall mounted. These TVs are sizeable to say the least and so a wall fixture requires a substantial wall space if you want to avoid the TV dwarfing the immediately surrounding space. Nevertheless, the sleek design ensures that this TV looks great wherever it is placed.

The striking metal crystal design which comes in titan black colour makes this a really attractive piece of kit. The TV sports a titan black quad stand, giving it a sophisticated and streamlines appearance. Not only is the design great, but the E8000 will always be state of the art with Samsung’s Smart Evolution service.

Features and usability

As with other top of the range Samsung products, the E8000 includes a variety of built in interactive features. With new Motion and Voice Control capabilities, this Smart TV can be controlled using both simple hand gestures and voice commands. The personal log in feature incorporates enhanced face recognition software, providing further levels of interactivity. Surfing the web, organising your photos and changing the channel – all these are possible with this television. Combining your social and working life is easier than ever; Samsung provides a TV which has never been so engaging or fun. Using social media features such as Facebook, however, can be quite slow. A wireless keyboard is a great accessory to have in order to solve this problem.

The TV does however, omit a slight buzzing sound. This is almost unnoticeable, save when the volume is exceptionally low as this sound is sometimes audible. This tends to be a feature of plasma TVs though and shouldn’t put you off your purchase!

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