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A Few Tips to Increase Your Data Security

Basically every area of company operations faces risks associated with computerization procedures. Documents are no longer only on paper, which maybe protects them from physical disintegration, but at the same time exposes them to other threats. Today more than ever, even the best kept secrets can easily fall into the wrong hands. Competition never sleeps… Apart from theft, data security is also threatened by all possible kinds of software and hardware failures. Are we helpless? No!

Technical Infrastructure

Hardware and software reliability should be a priority for businesses of all sizes. Good there are many solutions to help prevent breakdowns resulting in temporary or total loss of data.

The first thing you need to do is get all your equipment emergency power sources with sufficient redundancy, that is, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or backup power generators. After that you need to properly configure your servers. Other server elements, such as processors, memory, or network interfaces, should have their counterparts that could replace them at the moment of failure of one of the components. High-availability systems also increase data security. Their construction is based on multiple servers called nodes that perform the same tasks at the same time. This way you can prevent not only the problems with hardware, but also problems with applications themselves.

Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

DMZ is a firewall-separated area within a computer network, which comprises servers providing services to external customers. Access to such network is impossible neither via the Internet (external network), or Intranet (internal network), which is why using DMZ increases security against data theft from both inside and outside the company network.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN Service provides connection to corporate data from locations outside the company headquarters. The huge rise in popularity of notebooks, netbooks and other mobile devices has inspired a true revolution in working schemes. Now employees want to perform tasks also when outside office. Some businesses work almost entirely by telecommuting or telework, which gives the employee great flexibility in terms of working hours and locations. Sharing company data so that it is available to people you trust, and at the same time prevented from unauthorized access by third parties is always a real challenge for network admins. There is a lot of different VPN software available, so everybody should find something for themselves or find a vpn service provider that works for them. And how does it work?  Firstly, they tunnel all Internet traffic through a virtual channel, inaccessible by unauthorized individuals. Secondly, all communication that goes through a VPN between the employee and the corporate server is encrypted.

Data encryption

Users of mobile devices tend to be quite irresponsible and keep a lot of very important and sensitive data, such as periodic sales results, electronic communications, development, pricing and marketing strategies, etc.. Without proper security measures the data can be easily intercepted. A good example of such a measure is data encryption. This way sensitive information can still be stored on a mobile device, but accessing it without knowing how to decode the encryption is almost impossible.

Identity management applications

Such applications allow you to assign various tasks to individual employees, and handle multiple requests. Thanks to such software you can easily and automatically manage all instances of data access. This is particularly important in larger organizations with many employees and access to many different systems.

The human factor

Some studies show that only 10% of data theft cases are an outside job. All other cases are either examples of intentional, fraudulent behavior of employees, or instances of ignorance, carelessness and simple stupidity. As mentioned earlier, the use of proxy servers, limiting access to certain websites, restricting copying of data to data carriers usually meet with protests from employees outside the IT department. It is important that the company has a consistent security policy, determining how to act in certain situations. Always make your employees sign a common agreement on the issue. Most people still value the written word more than oral restrictions.

Author Bio:- Nadine Schulz is a contributing author who writes articles on numerous subjects, including technology tips, network security and VPN software. She has been in the field of VPN service for a couple of years now and feels very strong about the future of the technology.

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