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A Few Evergreen SEO Tricks

Search engine optimization is constantly evolving. In order to get the best out of SEO, you need to be on top of these developments. Changes in search algorithm like Panda and Penguin often leave companies in a dilemma. Here are some evergreen tips that can help you emerge right on the top.

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Nothing can replace quality content

The importance of high quality content cannot be emphasized enough. Content has been the king of SEO for quite a while. Remember you are writing for people and not for machines. No matter what your website contains, the content should add value to the reader’s life. Avoid adding key words for the sake of it; make sure your content is relevant and interesting. Boring content doesn’t add much value even if is relevant to your company.

Hire a worthy SEO consultant

SEO consultants can be quite expensive, but it is advisable to hire a good one for the sake of your website. Monitor your consultant’s work closely to ensure that you are not getting robbed. Make sure you check the credentials of your consultant and if things are not going your way, do be afraid to look for a new one.

Originality of content and images

Sites often reuse what is already published on other sites. It is absolutely critical to have new things to offer to your visitors otherwise search engines will trash your website. Try to ensure that a majority of your images and videos are original. Original content and images adds way more value than reused stuff.


Social networking sites are very effective and powerful platforms for advertising. No matter what your website promotes, ensure to engage users with suitable content on Twitter, Facebook and other such social media platforms. Link these pages to your website and make sure users have an option of sharing the content if they like.

Fast uploads

Remember that your website visitors are busy people. They are unlikely to wait for a long time for a site to open. They are most likely to get bored and look for other options. So make sure your site loads quickly. If it takes too long, you will lose visitors and also the higher ranking positions on your search engine. Take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the website is fast and light. Cutting down image size is one such step.


Search engines like Google are emphasizing on localized and contextual results. So make sure you target the right market. Use keywords that are mindful to your geographic location. A local market is as vital as an international one and mismatched information could cut down traffic and your ranking.

Web Design

While designing your web page, always keep SEO in mind. Ensure your designer understands your expectations from organic SEO. There are some basic elements that need to be taken care of while your web page is being created. Only tweaking it once done may not help. Active improvements are required.

Author Bio:- Penny Cooper is a SEO writer with Godot Media, a copywriting services provider. Her interests range from copywriting and social media to the latest internet technologies and trends.

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