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A Closer Look at the Pros and Cons of iPhone 5

As soon as the latest iPhone model ventured into the market a couple of days back, the wait was over. Within the first three days the sales figure had crossed an overwhelming 5 million figure. Since, the Late Steve Jobs had come up with the very first iPhone Apple‘s wheels have sped up and the company has geared much ahead of its competitors like Nokia or Blackberry. The recent advent of the android phones has made the market all the more competitive. Thus, the wait was worth since everybody wanted to know what magic the iPhone 5 can weave for the company, without the wizard being around.

But it hasn’t been received that whole heartedly when it was launched. Critical attacks of having a problematic map app, the screen being either too small or too big, the scuffing of the aluminum rim etc have been faced since then. Then how has it been able to match such a high number of sales?

Let us have a closer look at the changes that the iPhone has gone. First of all, though the model has somehow managed to keep itself lighter and slimmer in comparison to the last iPhone, yet it boasts of a 4 inch display. Though on the other hand, a Samsung Galaxy S III has a display of 4.8 inch, yet there is no point arguing on uniqueness of the dimensions that an Apple phone offers.

Since the body is made of aluminum it keeps the weight low. Moreover, less space is allotted for the speakers and no compromise has been made with the sound clarity. Also, the size of the camera lens has been reduced.

Many are complaining about the absence of the NFC chip which paces up wireless connection. Yet, other additions have substituted for this lack. A processor that can run faster, better and more microphones to improve the excellence of the call, an upgraded front side camera which betters the video-conferencing experience and a better dual band Wi-Fi are some of its prime features.

The camera of the iPhone5 promises great snaps even in low lights. But the fact is that Nokia is all set to give tough competition to Apple, in this particular feature with its yet-to-release Lumia 920.

However, the interface might appear to be a little old as compared to that of the widgets and Windows phones’ live tiles of the Android phones. But, even in this case the iPhone5 goes scores much more than the rest of the competitors. This is mainly because of the quality of Apple’s own applications and also because of those which came from the third-party developers.

To conclude one can say that, Apple scores the most in the area which it has considered of prime importance all through the years. The Apple iPhone 5 is as user-friendly in some cases better than its predecessors. Though it is not much different from 4S model and thus might not appeal to its users much. However, those who use the older models will find iPhone5 much tempting.

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