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A Closer Look at the Best iPhone Apps

Muzzled by the smorgasbord of iPhone apps at the App Store?

The feeling isn’t so noveau;and chances are, you are not alone sharing the distress of this technological hurdle. Is it practical to sift through all the titles atthe App Store and point your way to the mobile apps you want to download? Hey, you don’t have to revisit your knowledge of FengShui or Astrology to make your app choice a nifty one. Nor is it possible to read an overwhelmingly sizeable amount of reviews and analysis for each preferred mobile app. Presently, there over 50,000 apps in the App Store- excluding the third-party apps- and chances are before you get to finalize your repertoire, your phone will have gone past its ‘planned obsolescence’ stage of one year. That’s definitely a gap stopper up your butt!

And that is exactly at that point where this article can help you: The process of assembling the right set of iPhone apps doesn’t have to be a ‘gully-washer’ season of your time and brain. We simplified the tedious procedure and here is what we have come up for you, champ:

1. CalenGoo

Do you fear that scenario when you are dragoonedwith so many things to do in one day? A suitable calendar manager will fix the problematic circuitry for you. CalenGoosyncs with your Google Calendar and possesses the ability of managing and integrating events, to-do lists, and people to specific dates.

2. Instapaper

In my case, I refuse to go anywhere without books in my bag; partly for entertainment, partly for ballast. The first purpose is pretty noble, but the latter proves to be a nuisance after some time of gallivanting around malls and hopping from one transportation mode to another. Good thing I can now bring my reading materials without having to succumb to the universal bane of gravity. With Instapaper, I can save web articles I browsed from my iPhone.

3. WolframAlpha

If you embrace Google with so much romantic intensity, there is also greater possibilitythat you will love WolframAlpha too- not to mention, the studeswho lack mathematical proclivities. It’s an incredible tool that solves simple and complex math equations. I wonder how many ‘scholars’ use this search engine, and how much of this tool has leeched into their Calculus and Trigonometry grades; I guess that’s a self-confrontation question between the teachers and academic institutions.

4. 1Password

Having trouble remembering your account usernames and passwords? Shameful as it is, this phenomenon is fairly concurrent, and has no cultural or social implications (Although I would like to attribute the disorder to people’s inattention to details). In spite of this, you can have a safe place to store all your usernames and passwords. You can also keep other account credentials, as well, say your Social Security Number or credit card numbers.

5. TomTom

Do you consider yourself geographically uncoordinated? What you need is a GPS navigation device. TomTom will guide you through the turn-by-turn directions to your intended destination. You can also store Maps and Routes in the phone’s memory. You can update maps and routes without the need of a wireless connection.

These are just five of the best iPhone apps to download. Wait for other updates regarding the topic. Forthe meantime, let us know what you think about the article in the Comments section below.

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