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9 Reasons why you should have a Blog for Your Business

Blogging Success

For a person who is in this industry for quite some time now, it pains me to note how often business owners forget the importance of Internet. Most of the business owners are of the view that, for the growth of their business, an active online presence is not a prerequisite. They think that online dealing could never become a substitute for direct dealing.

However, as evinced by the likes of people who do their business at OLX or any other site for that matter, having an online presence is fast becoming one of the prerequisites of doing business in the first place. Therefore, for a business owner who is new in this industry, it would be far easy to attract people through the Internet than doing it through traditional methods.

Blog is one of the effective ways to attract online customers and to build online reputation. With online tools like Wix.com it is quite easy to create a blog and start your online journey. Wix is a fantastic tool that can help non-technical business owners to easily create a blog without the need of learning complex HTML, CSS and PHP coding. They offer numerous features that can help anyone to start a professional and stunning blog. They also offer guide on how to start a blog and a very useful video on planning and strategic thinking of how to make a website.

You can watch below

Wix Blog builder tool has a lot of features that can help build a stunning blog. The Wix Blog Editor is just amazing and they have recently added some very nice features including the ability to search and embed videos from the web and add super cool GIFs to a post, straight from the blog editor.

Apart from the stunning blog editor, Wix also offers some very useful tips for blog promotion. You can read how to promote your website for further details on this.

Here are 9 reasons why you should have a blog for your business.

1:- You could attract General Public through blogs

According to an estimate, around 40% of the World population has an internet connection today. If that wasn’t enough for you to choose technology, here’s yet another stat to do so: nearly 70% of Americans shop online! Thus, if you’re looking to address the silent majority which is not going to the traditional market system, having a blog is a matter of life and death for your business.

That is because, in the long run, more and more people will be attracted towards Online shopping and if you could not have an online presence by then, it would become very difficult for your business to reach out to the customers.

2:- You could get like-Minded people in the form of a community through Blog

Similar to the good old days when like-minded people used to choose a single shop to buy utilities for their life, blogs are doing exactly the same thing in this age. With a blog, you’ll give your customers a chance to provide an honest review regarding your products. These reviews, in turn, will attract more customers who trust the voice of their fellow consumers more than that of a business owner. As a result, it is not difficult to predict that these reviews will attract more customers for your business.

3:- The Image of your brand would be fortified

Unlike a company website which is too dull for the general public – let alone consumers, you could interact with your customers in a much better way through your blog. Moreover, if you possess the savviness to wish them through your blog on every important occasion, they will replicate this good deed in choosing your business every time they need a new product.

4:- You could become an Industry Expert

Tips and tricks are one of the best ways to promote any website, let alone a business blog. By doing so, you could make your customers feel that you care for them, even after or before they buy your product. As a result, your reputation as an industry connoisseur will increase. People will turn to your blog for help due to which your business would develop the reputation as a go-to one.

5:- Blogs are a hub of marketing activities

If you have ever engaged in marketing activities like publishing pamphlets before distributing them to all corners of the city, you could testify how difficult that process is. In addition to being a waste of money, it is a waste of time and effort.

Contrarily, marketing your business online requires less capital, energy, and time. All you have to do is to update your blog daily – a process which will hardly take an hour. You could post pictures of your new products, talk about their specifications or the price factor.

Consequently, even if you’re not ranked highly in Google rankings, this strategy will make sure that the people who care know the products that your business is selling know about your blog.

6:- Customers are engaged

If you’re a regular visitor of websites like Guardian, Ebay, Walmart, or Amazon, it is very easy for you to underestimate the importance of having comments. However, what is paltry for these websites could become a matter of growth for yours.

If customers are commenting on your blog, it means that they care about the products you’re selling. These comments will push you towards the improvement of your products. Consequently, you’ll get honest feedback in quick succession which in turn will force you to make products which are in demand.

7:- Blogs will force you to innovate

Unlike the traditional business where Innovation seems a far-fetched word, you would have to innovate to survive online. For example, with the help of the aforementioned customer feedback, you will know what is in vogue these days. Such a realization would not only save you from spending your capital on outdated products but will also urge you to be relentless in the pursuit of perfection. As a result, when you consistently improve the quality of your products, there is no reason why this innovation will not translate into more earnings for your business.

8:- Blogs stand side-by-side with Public Relation activities

In a cut-throat world like ours, it has become fairly easy for the business owners to forget their responsibilities towards the society. However, once you are online, you could gauge the services your competitors are providing to the society to gain reputation. Thus, you could replicate their efforts to garner a reputation.

9:- You could develop Subscription lists

If your blog is up and running, a mere menu bar with a title of “Subscribe for our weekly newsletter” could do wonders for its survival. Once you have tied down the customers, you could make sure to send them lists of products based on their activity on your website. As a result, even when they are not looking for a specific product, they could tell who is looking for that product about your business.

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  • gopal

    June 30, 2016, 10:27 am

    Blogs are a way to produce fresh content to keep the business active. The added advantage is that search engines like fresh content and boosts the web rankings.


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