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9 Reasons to Purchase Apple iPhone 5

I know you’ve seen many arguments about why it’s not a bright idea to purchase an iPhone 5. In fact, they may number the same as the articles depicting Apple’s new flagship as a good buy. This article is in the same category as the latter. Apple sold 5 million units of this device on the weekend of its launch. It is difficult to make a mistake with that kind of figure.

If you’re looking for a few more reasons before you break the bank, I am more than happy to present you with compelling ones:

  1. Premium Craftsmanship – For me the main selling point of all apple devices is the build quality. Simply holding the device in your palm and seeing it up close gives you an idea of how much Apple places its bet on the laws of attraction.
  2. Minimalist Controls – Each iPhone iteration is design with simplicity in mind. Apple didn’t design it for people who likes to tweak and prick. It’s meant for people who has no time to look at their phone’s setting every 10 seconds.
  3. The snapper – Point and shoot cameras’ market share will continue to dwindle if the progression of the iPhone’s camera stays at current pace. If you loved how your photos looked in the 4s, Apple again upped the ante with this newer version.
  4. Great app selection – Yes, android is catching up in quantity but when we factor in quality in the discussion, Apple still is years away from the competition as far as app selection is concerned.
  5. Call quality – Just look up how many microphones is packed into the iPhone 5 and you’ll be surprised. It’s a good thing that Apple still believes that a smartphone is not smart at all, if it isn’t a great phone first.
  6. Now supports LTE – If you have LTE support in your area, then the iPhone is now able to deliver. Deliver unbelievable internet connection speed that is. Take note, we are talking about speed faster than what a Wi-Fi signal can provide here.
  7. Battery Life – This factor is always a great reason for me. What use are a smartphone’s features if it doesn’t work when you’re about to use it?
  8. Display – The 4-inchretina display that was so lauded during launch is better than what I expected. Once you experience it firsthand, you’ll understand that this is the perfect display for a smartphone.
  9. 1.2GHz dual-core CPU – The Apple A6 custom designed CPU is another high point of iPhone 5. Apps launch snappier, screen gestures more responsive, graphics no doubts benefits as well; these are what the new CPU brings to the table.

Author Bio:- Jaskirat S Talwar is the owner of Impinge Solution. Impinge Solutions is a web design company which offers full-cycle services in areas of custom web design, web development, mobile application development, offshore iphone app development,  SEO,  hosting & support in all over the Globe.

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