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9 Best Alternatives for Google Drive

You need to know your requirement before switching to Google drive for your own ease and comfort. There are 9 best alternatives for Google drive which will help you to the core.

google drive alternatives

1. CX

Being a flexible sync product, it facilitates you to share any folder on your prized computer. The CX team works on collaboration and hence it becomes quite effective than ever before. The product gives you the facility of creating groups of users so that the files can be shared as well.

2. Wuala

Earlier Wuala was an independent cloud storage provider but now it is acquired by LaCie which is a hard drive vendor. It is included in some of the company’s drive. Wuala has its own unique propositions. Countries where the data regulation is quite stricter host the data and they are France, Germany and Switzerland

3. Drop box

You can easily share Dropbox document with this. There are picture galleries which will ease you further. For saving a document or an image, you are required to download a file prior to editing. It stands out to be the best source of help for those who have lots of files to share.

4. Drop Snap

DropSnap eases the whole process of viewing the photos later, as well as sending your extremely precious moments up to the cloud, directly from your esteemed Android phone. It sets a folder to be synced and therefore, on addition of a photo, there is an alert by the program which implies that it is ready to be synced. You just have to shell $3.99 for in-app purchase in order to make the syncing process totally automatic, thereby easing you even further.

5. Amazon Cloud Drive

It is an effective storage locker. Users can have enriching facility of listening songs, movies and products.

6. Microsoft Sky drive

Microsoft’s SkyDrive facilitates its users of accessing internet version of Ms World, Ms Excel, and One Note along with Ms PowerPoint. Therefore, they are greatly benefitted by the facility.

7. Box

If you are working from another location, then Box stands out to be the best source of help. Users get the luxury of sharing documents quite easily as they collaborate with other Box users. Here, you also get the facility of feedback apart from allocating duties.

8. Sugar Sync

Sugar Sync more or less offers the same sort of service which are at par with DropBox, yet one can get easily confused in its various options. Although, android applications are quite basic but having said that, they are enough in accomplishing the tasks. It consists of 5GB of storage and does not have tablet optimization.

9. Cubby

Cubby is indeed at par with Dropbox. Like SugarSync, it gives you the facility to sync any folder. Due to having computer to computer sync features, it helps you share folders between two computers without any sort of need to store them in the cloud. Therefore, it directly keeps a constant check on the price. Hence, it is able to keep lots of data synced between computers.

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