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9 Advantages of Cheap Unlocked Cell Phones

For years, cell phone customers have held consumers relative captives in terms of the choice offered to them regarding their cellular service and devices.  As smartphones have proliferated and penetrated the market, this stranglehold on service became even more pronounced.  Now, however, there is a solution; cheap unlocked cell phones.  Whether you are looking for unlocked Verizon cell phones, Samsung unlocked phones, used iPhone4 models, or anything else, these phones offer some real advantages over the contract models most providers offer these days.  Here are 9 specific examples:

Need a New Phone?

While the initial phone you get when you sign a contract is usually free, if you don’t pay for the expensive insurance and ever find yourself in need of a replacement for whatever reason, you might be surprised at how much that replacement costs.  Cheap unlocked cell phones can help save you tons of money when this happens.

Upgrade Ages Away?

You’re usually locked in to the phone model you receive when you sign the contract, and upgrading to the latest and greatest tech isn’t usually possible until the end of the contract period.  You can instead get unlocked Verizon cell phones, or Samsung unlocked phones, without worrying about upgrade periods.


Using your normal wireless service can be extremely expensive when roaming, particularly when abroad.  Purchasing unlocked Verizon cell phones or Samsung unlocked phones can enable you to use local SIM chips and save lots of money on your bill.

Take Advantage of Prepaid Plans

You’ve likely seen all sorts of great deals the prepaid mobile companies are offering.  Cheap unlocked cell phones let you take advantage of these deals, without paying the penalty for breaking contracts.

Less OEM Restrictions

While jail breaking a used iPhone4 used to be a difficult task, these days you can find cheap unlocked cell phones of virtually every make and model.  Unlocked Verizon cell phones, Samsung unlocked phones and more are all easily acquirable these days, often with OEM support.

Wider Area of Use

Unlocked Verizon cell phones, Samsung unlocked phones, used iPhone4 models and other cheap unlocked cell phones all have a wider area of use even domestically, because they are able to use all the different GSM networks available, and can switch to other providers based on local availability.

Saves Money in the Long Run

While you will sometimes initially pay more out of pocket to purchase unlocked Verizon cell phones, Samsung unlocked phones, or used iPhone4 phones, you often will save money in the long run, once you factor in the cost of contracts, activations, fees, cancellations, and everything else the major providers expect you to pay.

Increased Value for Resale

You’ve probably seen commercials on television advertising new businesses that purchase old cell phones from consumers.  You can often get a significant amount of money back for your old phone models and unlocked Verizon cell phones, Samsung unlocked cell phones, and used iPhone4 models often have higher resale values because of their greater versatility.

Greater Customization

Unlocked Verizon cell phones, Samsung unlocked phones, and used iPhone4 models offer significantly superior options when it comes to customization.  You can use third-party apps, and have more direct control over the features and applications that run on your device.  You can also more easily get rid of default settings you don’t like such as tones, wallpapers, and the like.

As you can see, cheap unlocked cell phones offer some significant advantages over the models provided by carriers to those who sign traditional contracts.  Whether you are looking for unlocked Verizon cell phones, Samsung unlocked phones, used iPhone4 phones or other models; you will end up with superior service at a lower cost if you use unlocked models over standard ones.

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