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80% Discount on Clothes & Accessories Only at DealGuru

Yes you read that right. Online shopping has many perks that clearly outweighs its disadvantages. Discounts, special offers and since we have so many festivals to celebrate, which means more festival offers. You can shop online from any corner of the world, even in the middle of the night. All you need is a PC or a laptop and a decent internet connection. So, if you’re looking for a good shopping website that provides you products well worth you price, then look no further than DealGuru.

To begin with, DealGuru is a platform where sellers and retailers from across India can promote and advertise their stuff. So, what does this mean for the shopper? It means that you can buy anything you like from a range of different brands without going here and there. Yes, you can shop from multiple brands, all in a single place that is DealGuru.

Most of the products sold on DealGuruis excess stock and since sellers are in a hurry to sell them, they offer huge discounts and offers! That, however, does not mean that these products are defective in any way or are of inferior quality. No, on DealGuru, you get good quality products at amazing prices, throw in a few good deals and hey, you make an awesome profit. You feel like you haven’t’ spent too much and you also get the best quality!

Regular TV viewers must’ve seen their commercial, with Kangana Ranaut, who buys a variety of products from numerous brands. Ranaut is also endorsing the brand.

DealGuru has over thousands of sellers and a thousand more deals are made every day! This ensures that the customer can buy the products at almost half the price. As soon as you enter the website, you’ll see Deal of the day popup, check it out and you’ll see what I mean.
All products are listed along with the price, description, content and seller details. You can even contact the seller and bargain before placing an order. Once you place an order, you’ll receive it a period of 10 days’ time. Also, you’ll be happy to know that DealGuru does not charge any extra amount, as in, shipping or delivery charges. No, you only have to pay for the product. So you really make a huge profit.

If you want to return any item, you can most assuredly do that without any worry or hassles. Additionally you can also contact their customer care service at 0444 444 4444, who are always ready to help and support.

DealGuru – what do they sell?

Here’s a list of categories you can choose from –


Apparel & Fashion Accessories, Automobile Accessories, Art & Decorative Items, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Bags & Luggage, Computers & Peripherals, Cosmetics & Perfumes, Wellness & Health Care, Fitness, Footwear Furnishings, Jewellery, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Security, Mobiles, & Safety and lots more.

Check out DealGuru now for affordable prices, hundreds of brands and quality products!

This article is posted by Kunal Ganglani. He writes about the latest tech tips and tricks at KGTricks Tech Blog.

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