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8 Website Design Tips that can Make Your Website Stand Out of the Crowd

A decade earlier, websites were only meant for having a presence on the internet. However, with increasing competitions the role of and expectations from a website has been increased. Now, it has an added responsibility of attracting more people and help in conversion.

Companies now strive hard to have a website which is attractive as well as is SEO friendly so that it can bring more visitors through search engines. Here is a list of things that make up a website which is capable of getting you millions of visitors. If you already own a website, check for these features and if not present take immediate steps. And if you are going to have a new website design, ask your designer to take care of these things especially when they are converting PSD to CSS.

Title tag and heading

Search engines consider title tags and headings while indexing a website in a search result. The main keyword related to your website should be in the title tag and insert secondary keywords in the heading.

Is it cross browser compatible?

Search engines give preference to websites which offer quality browsing experience to visitors or which are user friendly. Cross browser compatibility allows a user to access your website using different browsers. There are possibilities that a person living in far areas of Africa may not have the latest browser. So, your website should be designed in such a way that he can access it with his browser.


Navigation plays an important role in determining whether a website is user friendly or not. The navigation of website depends on designing. Your website should have seamless navigation and a user should be able to access any page of your website within 3 clicks of the website. A clear navigation enables easy access to the visitors and this is considered to be good by the search engines.

Meta Description and Meta title

Meta description and Meta title is the text that search engines show when someone searches your product or website on the internet. It however has nothing to do with SEO, but it helps in attracting people to visit your website. The Meta description should be descriptive and thus should be able to convey what your website is all about.

Internal linking of the pages

All the pages in your website should be effectively interlinked so as to offer seamless access. This helps the user to visit all these pages without having trouble in finding them. It also helps the search engines to index different pages of your website increasing your visibility on the search engine results thereby increasing visitors.

Clean coding

The coding of your website should be clean and sleek so that the search engine crawlers can easily crawl and index your website. The website designer should take proper care while converting PSD to CSS.

Avoid flash and graphics

However, now search engines have started to consider flash content, it is still advisable that you avoid them in your website. Flash content lowers down the speed of the website and does not even look good to the viewer. It may act as a distraction when your prospective client is thinking about availing your services.

Page speed

Page speed depends on a number of factors including Java Script and coding. It also depends on the presence of flash content on your website. The higher the page speed the better it is for your users and greater will be your conversion rates.

The number of visitors visiting your website depends on how user friendly it is. Therefore try to provide the best experience for your visitors.

Author bio: The writer is a website designer and works for a reputed web designing company. He often writes on topics relating to website designing. In this article he is talking about the conversion of PSD to CSS

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