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8 Useful Reddit Tools and Applications For Bloggers and Mobile Users

Reddit is still one of the most popular social news website where you can find useful information related to all categories. It is a social community where all bloggers and other like minded peoples comes to share there knowledge, expertise and other valuable information. Reddit was found by two genius guys “Steve Huffman” and “Alexis Ohanian’ in 2005 and it is now 6th year that Reddit is providing us quality service in term of sharing our knowledge, giving us traffic and making our blogs live. There is no doubt that the life of a blog is “Traffic” and for that you should follow all the techniques to get as much traffic as you can. Reddit is also one of those means, which can provide you huge amount of traffic, but only in case if you can provide quality information to the readers.

Well that is another area of concern, the information that i am going to share now is that in order to use Reddit in more efficient way, there are some useful tools and applications that can use. These tools are classified under different categories, so that you can collect the one which is helpful for you.

Reddit applications and tools

Tools and Applications for Bloggers

Reddit WordPress Plugin

This plugin is a very useful plugin for wordpress users, because every blogger want to get maximum votes on Reddit. For that you must add Reddit button in your blog and this plugin will add a Reddit button to all your blog post, so that your readers can vote you on digg.

Install Plugin

Reddit WordPress Widget

Similarly if you want to display your latest submitted Links to your digg account in your blog, then this plugin can help you to insert all the links submitted to your digg account. You can show links at any position in your blog, like side bar, footer etc.

Install Plugin

Reddit Links

Just like the above wordpress plugin, this is a Opera extension, which allow you to show all new and latest news and links form Reddit. There is no need to visit Reddit to see the latest links and news. just install this widget and enjoy reddit on your browser.

Install Widget

FireFox Tools and Extensions

1. Social Money

The plugin that i am using now for Reddit is social money. It shows all the latest reddit posts, comments and users in firefox browser. Without visiting reddit website, you can get all information and news in your browser. It shows all information, like which post has been shared on dil.icio.us and technorati and other social bookmarking websites. If you are Reddit fan then this is must have plugin for firefox users.

Install Plugin

2. Socialite

Just like social monkey, this is also a firefox plugin which allows you all the features to get latest news, links and comments on your browser. It will install a new toolbar in your browser so that you can see all the details on your browser every front page.

Install Plugin

Reddit Applications for ipod and iphone Users

1. Reddit on Mobile

As you now for mobile phones there are separate website for accessing. These are much faster as compare to normal websites. Previously i share some useful browsers for ipod and iphone. These browsers will help you to access all the features of reddit on your mobile phone.

visit mobile site

2. iReddit

This is iphon and ipd application which is use to access Reddit form your mobile phone will all features. View all the hotest stories, news, comments and other information on your mobile phone. No need to visit reddit home page, because this application is only for reddit that is created by itunes. Don’t miss this useful application.

Download iReddit

3. Satellite

This is much more advance and cheaper then iReddit. The cost of this application is only $0.99 that is nothing for such a useful application. It is also developed by itunes for ipod and iphone users to get all the features on reddit on there phones with just a single click.

Download Satellite

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  • Ankit

    April 11, 2010, 7:26 am

    LOL! Agree with TechChunks, I too never used it. Seems like it is going to popular these days.. I will give it a try. BTW nice collection of tools. 🙂

  • abhi

    April 9, 2010, 3:36 pm

    Great share. I use still it 🙂

  • TechChunks

    April 9, 2010, 10:37 am

    Can’t believe that people are still using Reddit 😛


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