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8 Unique features of Android and Android Applications

Most smart phone users know that Android is the leading OS; however, they must also know the given below features setting its leadership among others.

The best mobile Browser

Android browser is one of the best mobile browsers you have ever used. There are other options like Opera Mini, Dolphin and Firefox but there is nothing that can beat the experience you can have on Android browser. It supports Flash and loads pages faster than any browser.


With little efforts you can also have a pretty attractive Android desktop. You can use widgets on the desktop of your Android phone. Widgets tend to have an actual purpose, e.g. Facebook Widget lets you have the real time updates. The same feature is available on the Twitter Widget and other sorts of widgets.


When it comes to connectivity, Android phone provides you quick ways to do this. You can easily find the ways to turn on/off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Network and GPS. You can instantly access and mange any of the wireless services just by a single tap.

PC connection

It is easy to manage the contents in Android Phone. Unlike iPhone, you never need to access iTunes. When plugging Android in PC, the SD card is mounted in which you can easily drag and drop any of media contents and docs.


You may get multiple notifications on the notification bar of Android. You can also access multiple notifications as well. The Android notification bar alerts you about new voice messages, email messages, text messages, Facebook and Twitter notifications, Gmail notifications and much more.

Endless personalization

You can personalize your Android phone the way you want to see it. If you are a power user of social sites, you can have a screen for Facebook. The same you can do for Twitter and others. If you use your Android in business, you can personalize it according to your work. There are so many default actions which you can set as per your requirements.

Google Play Android App Store

All Android devices have facility to access Google Play Android App store. It is an online place where you can download free and paid apps. Now Google’ Play also has an app for everyone. It is easy to access Google Play, and download apps on your Android Device.

Open Source

You can access the source code of Android and customize it to derive maximum productivity as per your requirements. The open source community has made Android a powerful Operating System with some really unique features.

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