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8 Top-Notch Music Gadgets

At Musikmesse, Europe’s elite music trade event, several companies showcased their music gadgets. Your favorite bands may be using some of these snazzy gadgets to string, drum or knock away their musical hits. Here are some groovy gadgets that you can watch out for.


A sphere is a magical mix of originality and technical power. It is football shaped gadget that has several dark pads, which can be customized for any sound. The new generation hang drum is a sure fire way to impress the audience.


Armed with sensible software, this is an ipad that simplifies the process of importing recordings.  The ipad is provided with 4 microphones that record simultaneously with the support of convenient studio controls. The Beatles always used the classic four track recording system for their albums.

Boom Box

Shake your leg to the beats of this boom box that has an exclusive auto battle mode. It magically picks playlists, edits tempo and tracks automatically so that you can jiggle like jelly in the summer heat.


The sleek, simplistic keyboard might mislead you into thinking it has few features but it is far from that. Furnished with touch-sensitive keys to add authentic musical expression, the gadget is impressive in design and worth.

The keyboard offers a range of performance modes and a user-friendly layout. It also has advanced pedal, velocity and key switch system to permit a realistic expression of guitar sounds. Almost all possible sounds and techniques such as pinch harmonics, bridge mute, mute, strumming, unison bend, chord chopping, picking and scrapes are covered. All the techniques and articulations that a guitarist can make can also be reproduced authentically.

Jam box

The jam box is a speaker system that you can grasp in your palm. The speaker sound resonates to all through an average room and its size make it easy for you tuck it away in your purse.


The tablet karaoke is a perfect choice to suppress the voice of tracks and superimpose them with your voice. You can even fine tune your voice to make it sound better.

Ear buds and USB turnables

Arm yourself with ear buds if you must listen to heavy bass sounds and Consider a USB turnable powered by a battery and built-in speakers for a weekend getaway to the beach.

Guitar chord finder

Have you wondered if there was an easy way to hit upon the names of guitar chords? The answer to your problem maybe the guitar chords finder which displays the chord names when you position your fingers on the neck of the guitar and click on play.

Author Bio:- Andy Mann is a professional associated with Finesse Entertainment, a company that has several Bands for hire in Manchester. Many of these top-notch music gadgets are used by Manchester Live bands. You could approach the company for live performance and Entertainment Acts in Manchester.

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