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8 Reasons Why to Stay Away from Windows 8 Phones

Many people fancy buying the latest phones running on Windows 8 platform. Indeed phones running on Windows operating system have their own credits but they are not as powerful or popular as the ones running on iOS or Android. In other words, smartphones running on Windows platform are crippled in many ways when you compare them with Apple and Android phones.

From a buyer’s point of view, it would be wise for you to know the pros and cons of Windows 8. Knowing the disadvantages or the limitations is good so that you do not end up being short of what you want. In this article, let us talk more on the drawbacks, disadvantages or limitations of the latest Windows operating system. Windows 8 without doubt is the hottest releases among the operating systems this season. There are more and more smartphones adding up to the Windows 8 platform like the latest Nokia Lumia 820, HTC Accord, Samsung ATIV and the Nokia Lumia 920.

Here is the list of limitations you would find on the new Windows 8 platform.

1# Windows 8 App market is short of applications when you compare them with the iOS store and the Android market

The application database of Windows 8 phone is very short when you compare it with the Android and the iOS. They have only 100,000 odd apps which are a lot lesser when compared to the other two giants (each having 500,000 apps). These days’ smartphones with access to more applications are preferred by buyers. One would relish buying paid applications from Android or iOS rather than the Windows app store.

2# Absence of start button on the Windows 8 smartphone

The appearance of the home page might tell you that the new Windows 8 is much livelier than the older version of the operating system. Microsoft has got rid of the start button completely. The option of metro tiles comes in place of the start button. Here again, there is a restriction. Users have to purchase the application from Microsoft store before they can use the option of metro tiles.

3# Issues with Livetiles in WP8

Tiles in the new Windows 8 can be made to appear in 3 different sizes. That also means when a user wants to store large mass of tiles, then he may need to choose the tiniest sizes with no ‘live feature’. For instance, if the message tile is tiny, it may not show any notifications on the display unless it is manually opened and seen by the user himself. Hence even if the device is loaded with the tiles feature, the actual experience will be experienced by the user’s efforts.

4# The market share of Windows phone

Windows 8 phones enjoy only 3.7% of the world’s smartphone market while Android phones have 68% of the smartphone market and Apple enjoys 17%. This makes things very difficult for Windows smartphone users in terms of Internet services, applications and other general services.

5# Lack of user guide

Unlike the Apple phone or the Android’s range of smartphones, Windows operating system does not have a convincing guide that shows users as to how they can use the smartphone in the best way possible. This makes life tougher for the users of Windows operating system.

6# Other flaws

Although lots of efforts have been taken to make Windows phones as competitive as other phones in different platforms, there are lots of flaws that still exist here. Most Windows-based devices are Bluetooth oriented and this eliminates the use of Internet connection via dongle. Here the access is allowed only through Bluetooth pairing. It also means these devices cannot be used in aircrafts as there is no permission for wireless devices (even if you are on board where Wi-Fi is accessible).

7# An unfriendly desktop and weak user interface

Windows 8 sticks to its older user interface. But that appears to be handicapped. It cannot even be used to boot or shut down Windows directly. However you can manage files in this section. There are couple of versions of IE that does not work well amongst each other. For example, when you create a favorite setting in the desktop version, it just sticks to the Desktop version. On the other hand, when you create a favorite setting in the IFKaM version, it again appears in desktop version.

8# Confusing Setup

The very hype and expectations around the new Windows 8 could have led to more success of the new platform. Microsoft missed a trick by jumbling up and creating a mix of IFKaM applications and desktop applications. It should have been more flexible or configurable such that one could change the user interface of the hardware within a platform.

All these factors do not mean the new Windows 8 is a troublesome operating system. There are more than a handful of features that stands out and makes Windows 8 a very special operating system.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post by Stuart Ownes of satellitesales.com, a site that offers savings and current information on Dish Network, as well as dish.com services. 

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  • weblocker

    November 8, 2012, 1:16 am

    sure sir window 8 market/store will get shortage of apps… & many of them will be paid apps

    but android has been beaten up by windows 8 in other features G.U.I & customization

  • Ashish Kumar

    November 7, 2012, 9:26 pm

    I found WP 8 Quite booring. They might be good for some people but i really don’t like windows 8 phone. I mean look at the applications , No instagram , Few free apps in comparison to ios and android , It just the matter of time and let’s see ! ! !


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