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8 Most Popular SEO Mistakes And Its Solutions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to get your website to the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The most popular and biggest search engine is Google, and they basically set the rules for SEO. The other search engines will tend to fall into line after a few months. Whilst making your website more search engine friendly, you may make a few mistakes. This happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is because you misunderstood SEO guidelines, or you took bad advice, or sometimes because you tried too hard (what is known as over-optimization).

SEO Mistakes

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1# Rewrite your web pages that have poor quality content

Low quality content could be the reason why your SEO campaign is doing so badly. You may be doing everything right regarding off-page SEO, but your website content may be letting you down. In-fact if you have quite a lot of low quality content on your website, then it is probably the fatal flaw in your search engine optimization campaign. Re-write every last page that is not high quality, and switch it for content that is high quality. Try to keep the same keywords and URL in order to benefit from the off-page SEO that you have already built up.

2# Delete or write pages with duplicate content on

Deleting these pages is the first thing you should do if you have just been penalized by Google. If not, then start by rewriting the pages so that they are original. If you are the one who has been plagiarized, then you will still be punished by Google. So, you need to work your hardest to remove the duplicate content from the other domains before your website is punished for it.

3# Consider deleting pages that have spammed backlinks

If you or your SEO Company has spammed backlinks, then it is going to be difficult to get online and delete them. You will have to remove the pages themselves. This is the only way you are going to be able to realistically remove the damaging effect of the spammed links. If you do try to remove the spammed links manually, then you will have a long job ahead of you.

4# Re-target the keywords for your web pages

Your mistake may be that you have targeted the wrong keywords. Start by doing background research on your potential customers and find out what they are typing into the search engines. Then, you need to re-target your web pages by altering all the areas where the redundant keywords are. This includes everything from your page titles and Meta tags, to your actual page content. This may require a little bit of page re-writing too.

5# Fix your navigation system with a complete overhaul

This means removing every internal link from your website and starting fresh. You will have to make a map of your website and make sure that every page has at least three internal links pointing to it. You also need to make your navigation system into a hierarchy that is intuitive for the user to use. Improve your site navigation for a better search engine optimization benefit.

6# Remove your images, rename them and upload them again

The file name of your images also holds a little bit of SEO power, so you will need to take them offline and rename them something that is descriptive but has keywords in it. Once you have made your image files more search engine friendly, you may then upload them back onto your server and on to your website. Do this for all of your images, even your background images.

7# Optimize your images, even if it means removing them first

There are lots of ways you can optimize your images. You may lower the resolution a little, or change the file type. Some file types are heavier than others are, so go for Jpeg files, as they are lighter (therefore quicker to load). Once you have uploaded them again then make sure that their titles have at least one keyword in them. Make the ALT text descriptive, but also add in a keyword or two. Any links that point to your images should also have relevant keywords in the anchor text.

8# Pay a programmer to install a good search bar and search results system

A good search bar is important, but what is more important is a search bar that does its job correctly. The results should be very good and very usable. Your search bar should also include suggestions (as with Google) and should accommodate spelling mistakes. This all adds to the usability of your website, which is very search engine friendly.

This post is written by Kate Funk. She coaches individuals in SEO and business networking skills at tutortop.com.

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  • Sunil Ravat

    July 25, 2013, 2:16 am

    All points are grt. I really like “deleting pages that have spammed backlinks” I consider Optimize images as well in doing SEO.


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