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8 Life Saving Tech

Gadgets aren’t just distract-o-trons – a new breed of benevolent tech puts its battery life on the line just to save yours. There’s a health-monitoring brigade to keep you fighting fit while an army of survival gear has your back at all times. Use it right and you’ll be around for the sci-fi survival tech that’s around the corner. And that’s worth staying alive for…

Life-saving Accessories

Keep your life on track with these active accessories – yes, there’s an app for that

iBGStar (£43)

Slots into an iThing’s docking port, and combined with a free app it allows diabetics to track and record blood glucose levels over time, with handy graphs thrown in. Its LCD display means it can also be used as a standalone meter, and connected later to upload saved results.

Medisana Targetscale (£130)

A bathroom lightshow that could get you looking forward to your weigh-in. The centre represents your target, and the rings light up to show how close you are to it. Body fat, muscle mass and other key stats are all recorded and beamed to your iThing.

Zensorium Tinke (£tba)

This no-fuss health monitor uses infra-red tech to deduce your heart rate, respiration rate and blood oxygen content, just by holding your thumb against it. An overall ‘Vita’ score (sadly unrelated to the games console) makes for easy comparison or sharing with others.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor (€130)

keep a finger on your pulse and an eye on your heart with this cuff that hooks up to any iOS device. It saves your stats on to a timeline, connecting seamlessly with cloud services such as Microsoft HealthVault to keep that blood pressure even lower.

Life-saving Apps

NHS Direct (Free) iOS, Android

A hypochondriac’s bible, this symptom checker asks a range of questions about your ailment before offering self-help info or recommending a panicked call to NHS Direct. Sadly for anyone stuck in a cave, it needs a web connection.

Red Cross (free) iOS, Android

Jackass stunt gone awry? Consult this step-by-step first aid guide, full of training videos, interactive quizzes and general info on how to treat everything from burns to choking (but not, sadly, incredible nutshots).

Foodwiz (£30/year) iOS, Android

Scans product barcodes, flagging up danger foods based on your allergies so you don’t have to spend all day poring over labels. The app also downloads a product database on to your handset, for use when you have no signal.

SAS survival Guide (£3.99) iOS, Android

Essential survival tips from legendary SAS instructor John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman. Includes comprehensive advice, instruction videos, quizzes, a Morse Code signaller and a gallery of plants, so you can safely tuck into nature’s buffet.

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