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8 Killer Ways to Increase your Facebook Fans in Simplest Way

Facebook is one of the best and most usable social networking website in the world. There are many competitors trying to pull it down but still Facebook manage to keep them down. This is the reason that most of the webmasters and online businesses use Facebook as one of the leading internet marketing tool. If you concentrate on the social media marketing with considering Facebook as one of the best then no doubt it will increase your business.

increase facebook fans

The primary intension of every Facebook fan page owner is to increase the fans and only fans. In this article we will try to cover few simple methods to increase the Facebook page fans.

1) Regular and quality updates

To grow your fans in very high manner you need to do what the two things. They are regular updates on your fan page and the updates should be quality, useful not just spam. Suppose you have 100 fans already and you made a update, if that update is quality then some fan definitely like it or share it. Quite obviously your fans are growing and growing.

2) Professional design

Bill Gates said that “If you can’t make it good then at least make it look good” So your first intention should be increase the quality of your fan page by designing it very neatly. There are some Facebook apps which allow you to create lovely Facebook fan page which really looks better than ordinary by default looking fan page interface definitely.

3) Conduct giveaway on your website

This is one of the most used method by professional social media manger and many professional bloggers. In this the owner usually set up a giveaway contest on his website. The condition for giveaways is that the user has to like the fan page, share the page with his friend, share with twitter. SO with this you not only get good number of genuine Facebook fans plus other social media promotions like Google plus, twitter with it within same thing.

4) Official Facebook advertising

Facebook runs an advertising network. Actually they earn money through it. As Facebook is free to all users and this is one of the big sources for income in case of Facebook. Anyone can setup Facebook ad complains, no any programming or any knowledge required. Even the Facebook provides some initial advertising credit just for free in case of new users.

5) Guest posting

This is very only and working method to get attraction of big audience towards your page and website too. In guest post method people usually write unique and quality articles on other related niche-subject website or blogs. In returns of that the blog owner give promotions to write just by linking his website page and Facebook fan page.

6) Buying famous tweets

Those twitter users have huge amount of followers usually sell their tweets at their price. SO if you buy some of them and tweet about your business of products and give link to the fan page then that at least some part of that huge audience will get attracted to your website and fan page definitely.

7) Exchange fans

There are many groups of the Facebook or even some websites which gives the discussion about the exchange of them. It means you can like the other’s page and he will like your page. This method is not effective that much as compared to the other because you will get non genuine fans instead of real fans but useful to do a show off of large number of fans.

8) Embedding Facebook Widget on your website

This is also more effective method. In this you have to embed the Facebook fan page widget on your website. SO when anyone visits your website he will see the Like buttons and also the number of total like and his friends who already liked your page.

Author Bio:This is guest post by Tushar Thakur. Tushar interested in electronics Instrumentation, Search Engine Optimization techniques, Social media promotions tips, WordPress. Who also write articles for a mobile OS blog.

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