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8 Free Online Words, Text and Character Counters

While writing articles for articles directories or for your blog. You have to write a Title of about 70 words, because in google more then 70 words are not appearing for titles. You have to be very careful about choosing the title. All the main and targeted keywords should be present in your title. But some time you may face this problem that you have to count the total characters of your title, so that it should not exceed from the 70 words (Including space) limit.

There are some useful  websites, which allows you to count the total words or characters including space. Where you need to just paste the title or the whole article in the website, and they will count all the worlds with or without spaces.

Online Words and Character Counters

Letter Count

This website allows you to count all the words and character including space. Paste the title or the whole article in the box and click on the “Count Character” button. You will see the result in the box located with the “Count Character” button.


Internet Based Moms also provide you a handy character counter. Where you can count words and characters. Paste the title or article and press the “Count Words and Characters” button. In a new window you will see the result.


Cyber Styling provide you words and character counter with word formatting facility. It can provide you all the details about total characters, total characters including space, total words and total lines.


Fwointl also provide the same features as cyberstyling provide you. The design is also the same as cyberstyling uses. It shows the same result, total words, total characters, total lines, with space and without space etc..


All word Phone is another very clean, simple and handy service. Where you can count total words and total characters. Paste the whole article or title and click on the “Calculate Words” Or “Calculate Characters” button to get the result for total words OR total characters.


Word Count Tool is a website, only designed for counting words. It will count all the words excluding space. It will not count the space, it only count all the words.


Practiline provides a very advance and useful service. You can count all words and characters excluding blank lines, excluding words with numerals, excluding tabs from characters count, count double bytes text as korean text etc.. You can also perform additional works using Practiline free service, like ignore text between characters, ignore characters and count text between characters. Count with and without spaces, total lines, total words and total characters. Well this is a very advance free tool. You can find allot of features in this website.


Word Counter is also a free service, which allow you to count all the similar words in the whole article and title. It will show you the repetition of a word in the whole article. This tool is more useful for SEO purpose, that is that you can see that which word is used more in the whole article.

I hope all the above listed free Tex, Words and Character counters will help allot in writing articles for your blog or for article directories. I spend about 1 hour to find all these services. So please if you like the post and want to share with your readers, then don’t forget to give a credit link to Tech Maish.

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  • Stem

    December 23, 2015, 2:52 am

    Check this web service as well. Who knows may be you will find it useful.

  • mahmud

    December 22, 2011, 7:31 pm

    can i use the website to count dots and commas as words or all the puntuations are not counted?

  • Michal

    May 16, 2010, 1:55 pm

    There is another great characters/words/senteces counting tool – http://textmaster.tk 🙂


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