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8 Essential Google Wave Extensions

In this post i want to share 8 essential google wave extensions, which are very helpful for all Google Wave user. Although Google Wave is little confusing for beginners but after spending some with it, you can easily understand its functionality. Google Wave is a online Collaboration platform for all users, where you can communicate with your friends, company, business dealers etc.

8 Essential Google Wave Extensions.

Before going to explain, that which are the 8 essential extensions for Google Wave. First you must know that how to add a Extension in your google wave account.

On the left hand side bottom corner in the Contacts box, click on the “+” sign and enter the email address for your required extension.

1. Shorton URLs with BitlyBot:- BitlyBot is a handy extension for Google Wave which can easily shorten URLs in your message. Just type in your message in the message box and click Shorten button.It will find the urls in your message and shorten them.

To Add this Extension to your Google Wave account. Add the address bitly-bot@appspot.com

according to above mentioned method.

2. Wikify:- Wikify is a best extension for all those who have difficulties in entering difficult key phrase. Using this extension you can easily Add terms from wikipedia which is the largest encyclopedia on the web.

Address for this extension is wikifier@appspot.com

3. Dr Weather:- This extension allow you to show latest weather updates in your Google Wave account. To add this extension in your Google Wave account. Add the below address in contact box. shiny-sky@appspot.com

4. Stocky:- If you are dealing with Stock exchange, business related collaboration, then this is one of the most useful extension for you to add in your Google Wave account.

Simply add the address in your Google Wave account to enable this extension.


5. Tweety: Do you know what is twitter? Just joking, i know you are twitter user. then add this great plugin to integrate your Google Wave account with twitter to update and timeline your twitter updates from a single wave.

Address:- tweety-wave@appspot.com

6. HTML:- This extension allow you to add HTML text in your message. This is very important tool for webmasters and designers. Use the below link to Add this extension on your Google Wave account.
HTML Import Link

7. Google Map:- This extension allow you to access Google Map from your Google Wave account. You can easily add images from Google Map to your Google Wave account.

To enable this function just go to your Google Wave Extension gallery and enable Google Map form there.

8. Polls:- Using this extension you can easily create polls in your Google Account. To install this plugin, add the below address in your Contact Box,