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8 Blogging Tools That Can Help In Your Blog Business

Online tools are now available for free and you can use them to perform things easily and smartly. The tools help you to manage and improve your blogging efforts by providing your service that can save your precious time. As a blogger you will always be doing and repeating things like writing blog post, uploading images, editing images, capturing screen shots, interacting with advertisers and readers and so on. For all these activities to be performed well, you need various tools. You may be using different tools, but in this post i want to share a few that are the most useful and popular one.

blogging tools

8 Blogging Tools

1. Team Viewer

If your blog is a multi author blog or a partner ship blog, or you deal with different customers to provide your service then this useful Desktop Sharing software can help you a lot. For example if you are going to provide your Theme Customization service to one of your client and you need to login to his Web Hosting and WordPress Dashboard. Then you can use this software to work in his web hosting and dashboard using his computer from your computer.

In case if you don’t want to access some one else account from your own IP Address, then you can use Team Viewer to access his/her account using the software from his own IP Address.

2. Offline Blog Editors

Some time you would like to write posts for your blog when you are not connected to the internet. In such case you can use different offline blog editors to write your posts, save there and then publish later.  In case if you using a internet connection for which you are charged on hourly basis then these tools can save your money.

3. Skype

In order to communicate with bloggers, advertisers or readers you can use several communication tools like Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo etc, but Skype provides you best sound quality with screen sharing. You can easily talk with your readers, advertisers using a Mic and Head Phone. The sound quality is really very good and there is no interruption in the voice.

4. Photo Resizing Tools

In order to write a killer blog post, you need to include relevant images or screen shots in your post. You will be needing tools that can resize your photos or screen shots so that it can be uploaded to your blog post with the correct width and height.

5. Photo Editing Tools

Some time you also need to edit the image or screen shot before uploading to your posts. You may want to include some text, remove some thing or customize it in different styles. For example if you want to add shadow effect to photo,  laibel a logo, watermark text on it, etc.

For that you can use different photo editing tools to customize and edit your images.

6. Online Microsoft Files Viewers

If your blog is blog where you accept guest posts and publish on your blog, then you may be getting articles in MS Word or in any other format. If your Micro Soft is corrupt or you have not installed yet, then you can use tools that can help you in viewing your file online on internet.

7. Web Designing Tools

If you are not just a blogger but also provide web designing service to your clients. Then you can use different tools to complet your works. These are are few web designing tools that you can use in your projects.

8. FileZilla

The best and handly tool that is very important for every blogger is FileZilla. It helps you to access your web hosting account or your blog files using FTP access. So that you can transfer files, download and upload files, access your blog coding etc.

Hope you like the tools, if you are using any other tool that helps you in managing your blog then don’t forget to share here.

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  • Bligbook

    December 10, 2010, 4:51 pm

    Nice tools….i only use teamviewer among them…..


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