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8 Awesome Ways to Engage More Commentators

Commentators are one great thing that attracts the interest of other readers also. I would come to a blog to read a post and come back if i see much comments on it. So, more comments directly mean that you have something great on your screen and there are also chances of the other readers to come back to that site again and again.

Here’s ten awesome ways on how you can get more comments on the same posts.

1# Place the comment box on the top of comments

Sometimes, you get a lot of comments on a single post. And, if your comment box is placed at the bottom of the page. It will make the reader to scroll all the way down, just to drop a comment. Why not make it easier? Placing the comment box at the top will make the reader post his/her comment effortlessly.

2# Make comments dofollow

The main reason why readers put their comments in wordpress comment boxes is because they know how to build links through that. I have discovered my comments to increase by 400% when i moved to wordpress from my blogger blog. One reason may be that the wordpress commenting system preserves links and another would be that i made my blog comments dofollow. This will give the readers one more reason to comment for your content.

3# Make comments auto-approve

This is a very hard decision to make. But, will make your commentators happy. Making comments auto-approve can also result in spamming. So, consider adding captcha plugins and Akismet before doing this thing. You would be happy if you see that your comment is on the page, live, in the discussion. The same will be with your readers.

4# Be super responsive

I remember the day when my comment was answered within 4 hrs. From that day, i have visited the site everyday. Because, these people didn’t sleep after writing the post. But, was ready to help me. So, being responsive and answering almost all the comments will fill your readers with joy.

5# Commentuv Plugin

The plugin displays one post from the RSS feeds of the commenter and thus makes it even useful for them to stop by and write a comment. Now, they can get two links from the same comment and one of them will link to its post and not just his home page. It really is a comment booster plugin for everyone.

6#Thank me later Plugin

This plugin goes one step further and sends an email to the commentor for thanking him/her to post on your blog. This makes a connection to his mail inbox with subscribing links to your services and RSS feeds. So, whoever comments on your posts stays in touch with your content even more.

7# Top commentators of your blog

Featuring the top commenters of your site in one section such as the sidebar or the footer gives them more recognisation. And, I would be happy to see my face or name in one section of a site that i use to come often. This removes the feeling of coming to  a new site and makes them stay on your site for more time.

8# Open ended discussion

Blogging is not about shouting what you have to say but listening other’s opinion also. The sense of a blogger make him leave the discussion open and to invite the comments on it. By writing about a service, i express my views on it. But, letting others post their thoughts on that post would increase the specs about the services and also will give my post a larger scope of info in it.

So, these were the simple things to let your readers become your commentators. All you have to do is ask an opinion and you will get what you are looking for. More comments and more exposure.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post by Aman Singh who writes for Maid Service Washington DC  and his own blog, blogogeek.

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