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7 Websites to Sell your Iphone for the Most, When you Want to Move on

No doubt, there is no good gadget than I phone 4. But, sadly that was before the release of I phone 4s. That new interesting gizmo from Apple was really awesome (at least more than what was expected). That retina eye display, that better look, 8 MP camera that captures HD images and videos and the iCloud. It’s just too much to resist.

That is why most of the users of I phone 4 had to move on to the next big thing. Those who didn’t, i just think that they didn’t had enough money to stay with the trend. So, whenever you think of moving from Iphone 4 to Iphone 4s.

You might think of selling your old one. And what better way to do it, than going online. You may even get half of its rate back. And that way, you can easily invest that into your new one. As i might suggest how bad it looks when you try to sell it to another person. Interacting with that person, trying to tell him how good your phone is. These things are the facts of past. Now, there are awesome sites that offers you to do so without all that jargon.

Here is a list of the sites that pay you the most for your used Iphone 4 :

1# We are back to the Second-hand fashion site, eBay($300): No doubt, the only place you want to go to sell your second hand fashion also have space for old iphones. While the price isn’t exact. You can mostly sell it for $300 or either put it on auction. If your Iphone is JailBroken or comes with nice apps, accessories. You can get a good price. Either way, you will get the most.

2# A service by eBay, InstantSale by Ebay($298) : This is a part of eBay that deals specially in all those used up gadgets. For the Iphone 4 16GB(AT&T). These people are giving $298(for phones that are functional, without any damages). And again, its eBay that you can trust for second hand products.

3# Selling at the same ecommerce giant Amazon($262 trade) : The most used ecommerce site also offers trade in Iphone 4. The offer may reach to you as $262 16GB(AT&T). Its probably not a bad deal. Because, there are other sites that offers much less than it.

4# New but worth trying, Nextworth($100-221) : This is also a site that pays you around 100-221 dollars according to how good condition, your iphone lies in. The better is your phone. The more they will pay. That is not a bad option. Also, you can get more value when you sell multiple products to them.

5# Trade that iPhone 4 with a 4s:Radio Shack:($200 trade) : If you have not moved to Iphone 4s yet. This service from C-exchange offers you to trade in Iphones at the price of $200, 16GB (AT&T) version. There are also other Iphones that provide you with an option through their Trade and Save Program.

6# Sell Iphone 4 at AppleShark($180) : Whenever you make your mind to sell Iphone 4 that you earlier had. This new site(not so famous) can become handy. The price for the 32 GB(AT&T) version is provided as $180, while that of Iphone 16GB(AT&T) is $170. Moreover, there are some options for you to sell different models.

7# Even crushed iPhones can fill your pocket at Gazelle($200) : It offers you the price same as NextWorth. The conditions are that you should have an Iphone that is in good condition, and works properly. But, as i wrote this post.
This is obvious that some people would also have phones that can’t even turn on. For those Iphones who have turned to bricks, Gazelle will still give you $85. That’s not bad at all. Just you should send it to them instead of throwing it into the garbage.

Another site for doing so, is Craigslist. I didn’t mention it in the list because, the site is just too much spammed. Its your hard work to get past those scammers and spammers. And then, you can get an awesome deal also.

All these sites are really good at selling stuff. After all, why always go to eBay only, when there are many other options available. One more thing, don’t forget to share and like this post. I am counting on ya!

I hope you have fun selling your Iphone for the most. Thanks for reading and keep coming.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post by Aman Singh, who provides wrote recently on sell iphone 4.

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