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7 Ways to Make your Blog a Money Hub

It is normally not that hard to make the blog work for you. This can be done when one chooses to monetize the blog. Monetizing a blog normally requires that a person develops the necessary tools that will enable them to move forward in the blogging world.

There are 7 critical tips which when employed can work in favor of every individual who is in the blogging industry. The tips include;

Staying current with every post   

This is the ultimate practice so as to ensure that the blog brings more revenue. Staying current mostly entails making sure that all the content that are posted on the sites are new and always fresh. This will then make people have the desire to read more on the blog since they can be sure that they will get good value for their investment.

Staying current will also mean that every post that is made will earn some every day reviews and this will be a boost to the money making mind of the blogger. The ripple effect will result in an increased delivery.

Trying out some sponsored links

The process of trying out sponsored links is quite the way to go in ensuring that many people will get to view the blog posts that are available in the links. This is important since one can be assured that they will get a handsome return in the process since payment made on the blog posts serve the general purpose of monetizing the blog.

Email marketing as a business tool

The possibility of marketing a blog through the email links is also a platform that one can employ to get things done. This will be a step in the right direction to ensure that the blog owner will start making money through people getting to identify and read the blogs through the email access route.

Adding marketplaces for shopping

The activity of adding market places for shopping can be a simple baby step but it will be sure to reap massive benefits in the long run. Using a blog’s power to the maximum is all that market places aims to achieve and this can be tapped as a business strategy by any individual. The market places for shopping will work in such a way that they will trace back to the blog and this will make the blog earn revenue due to the linking mechanism that it will have facilitated.

Incorporating How to videos

The “How to videos” are ways of ensuring that the blog earns a reputation as the place where people can get to know how to do and perform things. As a business strategy, one can make it an option on their blog and this will have a ripple effect on the revenue that the blog will earn.

Placing own products on the blog

The placing of own products and Ads on the blog will automatically lead to revenue. This will be the best strategy that one can use since they will ascertain that all the proceeds that will be harnessed from the blog will all remain with the blogger.

Automating affiliate marketing places

This will monetize the blog in the sense that people who access the blog will be led to other affiliate sites where they will get what they need but the credit will remain with the blog that made the initial connection.

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  • Drama King

    November 14, 2012, 10:22 am

    Very good and informative post. Thanks for sharing your experience and please write some about link building process for current Google Panda and other spam updated

    Thanks and waiting for more quality content

  • Anderson

    November 9, 2012, 4:10 pm

    Thanks so much ! I do have a Wordpress, but you know what they say, guest blogging is very effective for marketing. And yes, I will keep rocking! 😀


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