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7 Ways Small Business Can Use Social Media

More and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of Social media for developing relations with their target audience and to market their products amongst them. But most of them overlook the other benefits which they can leverage from social media beyond marketing. If you are a business owner and using social media for marketing then here are the few more ways in which you can use social media for your business.

Useful Ways Small Business Can Use Social Media

Reputation Management

As a business owner you must know what your target audience thinks about you. And, as most of your target audience is already present on popular social media websites, you can use these websites to monitor conversations about you and your company. There are many free tools that you can use for this purpose and some of them are TweetBeep, Socialmention and HootSuite.

Customer Support

Time and again, we see business owners who use social media websites for just interacting with new customers and can’t realize that how beneficial social media could be for their current customers too.  You can use your social media profiles for providing customer support to your current customers. Big companies like Dell are already doing this and increased their revenues just by doing this.

Recruiting purposes

You can also use social media for recruitment purposes. According to a study, Social media is evolving as a great resource for both job search and recruitment purposes. The two popular ways for recruitment on twitter are –

1. Is to follow @microjobs on twitter which was developed to bring job seekers and recruiters

2. Tweet your job with hashtag #Tweetmyjob

Managing work force

Well if your work force is distributed across the globe then you can use team collaboration tools for social media websites to keep your team organized. One of the most popular team collaboration tool is Hootsuite. You can use Hootsuite to assign new jobs to your team at twitter and to track their performance.

Market Research

Everyday thousands of people express their opinions about different products on the social media websites which has made social media a great resource for market research.  You can visit these social media websites to find what your potential customers are searching for, what problems they are facing in the products they are using and what more features they want.  Apart from monitoring conversations, you can also conduct polls for your market research on social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Yahoo answers.

Getting latest information

Well , this point is not a rocket science point. You can use social media websites to find the latest information about your industry. You can use social media website like Twitter,  Digg to find the latest trends about the industry and get more information about the likes and dislikes of your target audience.

To-Do List

You can also use social media websites to manage your to-do lists and to set reminders for important things. Twitter applications like @rtm helps you to add new tasks to your to-do lists after which you can receive task reminders as direct messages in twitter.

These are the seven ways in which small businesses can use social media website. Now it is your turn to share your opinions about how small businesses can use social media websites. Please do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

About Author:- Gagandeep Singh works for Fortepromo Promotional Products, a promotional tote bags company based in Minnesota.

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