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7 Tips to Reduce Blog Loading Time

Time is precious for each one of us. So, would you like to waste this precious time on any website that takes a lot of time to load its WebPages??? Absolutely not! Most of us would always visit sites that have great Content and have less loading time.

Blog Loading Time is an important factor for any Blogger. You may lose visitors if they get frustrated by the time your blog takes to load its pages. Many bloggers have been tensed from the time when Google included Blog’s Loading time as a Page Ranking Factor.

Well, if you think that your blog’s loading time is slow, then you can follow the tips given below to reduce blog loading time.

1#  Choose the Best Web Host

Your blog’s loading highly depends upon the type of hosting you are using. Well, go for a hosting that is popular and most used. It may cost some extra dollars; but its better then losing readers because of page loading time. So, your money is not going useless. Remember, nothing can be a substitute of a Bad Web Server.

2# Remove Unwanted Plugins

Plugins add a lot of burden to your Page Loading time and no one can waste such precious time. So, it is recommend to use minimum number of plugins. Only keep those that your blog really needs.

3# Avoid Lots of Advertisement

Advertisements eat up much Speed. So it is advised to use less Ads and Not more than 3 Ad Networks. Well, I advise you to use only one. More ads you have, the more time it takes to load the Pages of your blog.

4# Use Caching Plugins

Well, if you are using WordPress platform, then you can improve your site loading time using Caching Plugins. One of the most used & famous plugin is W3 Total Cache. This plugin reduces Blog Loading Time. It is useful in caching every aspect of your site and improving Server Performance.

5# Minimum number of Images

It is advised to use less number of images in a post as images play a major role in Blog/Page Loading time. You should use images that are in JPEG or GIF Format.

6# Use Less Posts on Homepage

As we all know that when visitors visit a blog, the first thing he would be seeing is the homepage. As the first impression is the last impression, you must work on your Homepage Loading Time. Use less posts on your Homepage. Well, 7-8 posts on the Homepage are sufficient.

7# Use a Simple Theme

Your Blog’s Loading time always depends upon the type of theme you are using. There are many WordPress as well as Blogger themes which take less loading time. Try to use this type of themes.

TechMaish Theme is one of the popular, search engine friendly and fast loading theme, don’t forget to try it on your wordpress blog.

What next? If you want your readers to stay on your blog, then follow the above mentioned tips to Load your blog faster.

Share your valuable views in the comment section.

Author Bio:- Sandipan Mukherjee is a 23 year old blogger from Durgapur(India). He is a Computer Engineer and currently pursuing MBA in Marketing. He is the owner of Crystal Articles. He loves to write articles related to Blogging, Tech and Social Media.

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  • Rafaqat

    June 8, 2013, 2:49 pm

    Nice tips,since java script take much time to load,so by putting java script just before the closing body tag in header will also reduce your loading time.

  • Mani

    January 17, 2012, 6:01 pm

    Choosing the Best hosting and Removing the Unwanted Plugins makes the Blog to load faster!


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