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7 Tips for Managing Your Schedule like a Pro with Printable Calendars

Printable Calendars

Why is schedule so important for your business? It might not seem so, when you think of all your business departments, activities and responsibilities. However, schedule defines your work and, eventually, your results. However, managing your schedule might seem like a piece of cake. Yet, many entrepreneurs, business owners or even regular people have time management issues and end up postponing some of their tasks.

Does this sound familiar? Time management is aimed not only at those who have more tasks than time to complete them. If you manage your schedule accordingly, you will notice that you have increased productivity, pressure-free responsibilities, and overall more success.

Let’s see how you can turn a printable calendar into a great schedule update and management tool!

1. Place the calendar somewhere visible

Let’s say that someone calls you to book a meeting of any kind. During the conversation, you place them on hold or kindly ask them to wait, so that you can check your agenda or online calendar. You waste a few minutes searching. Meanwhile, your caller checks his/her calendar for a back-up date. So, can you eliminate this scenario?

First and foremost, have your printable calendar places somewhere within your reach. If it’s always visible, then you will find it easy to accept or reschedule a meeting. The conversation flow is not interrupted, and you can provide a quick answer.

2. Choose design freedom

If you avoided to purchase printable calendars until now due to poor offer, times have changed. You can now choose from dozens of templates and ensure that your calendar fits your desk’s design. Having a calendar that pleases you will encourage you to use it as much as possible. After all, calendars are about utility.

Once you start using your calendar, you can also organize your future notes. If you’re organized with your notes, you avoid having trouble understanding them later. You can choose out of various templates from the Calendar Table website and start organizing.

3. Develop a calendar review ritual

Make time to check your calendar every morning, for a few minutes. This way, you will know what the day holds for you and if you’re available for meetings or further activities. Checking the calendar also helps you optimize your time, by organizing the hours you need to complete your tasks.

Calendar review becomes a ritual after awhile and it will save you from double or triple meeting booking. Also, you won’t need to postpone activities as you’ll know exactly when you can complete them. Don’t forget about time for emails, research and similar responsibilities.

4. Plan ahead

The calendar allows you to have an overview of your entire month. Mark regular monthly activities, such as reports, and see when you should begin, so that you can complete them on time. If you need to purchase something or meet with your accountant, you can also plan time for research. Make sure your notes reflect the time you need. If a meeting is in the morning, mark this aspect.

You can also include to do lists in your calendar, so that you can keep track of your responsibilities. However, don’t waste too much time on them. Remember, they help you get more productive while working. The printable calendar is responsible for the time you need for work.

5. Isolate information

Did you consider color-coding your calendar? This is useful especially when you have different projects or tasks. You can separate marketing or blogging from financing work. Find a color for family time or exercise schedule. Separate priorities by using distinct colors for personal life vs. work. Also, use similar shades for similar projects.

According to a US Bank study, 75% of the small business owners are confident in their idea. However, 82% of them fail, due to cash flow problems. Turn your finances into a priority and ensure that they are reflected as such in your calendar.

6. Find suitable storage

Storing your calendar is almost as essential as it is keeping it in a visible place. Most of your tasks repeat throughout time. By studying a calendar, you can see why or when you postponed an activity. Moreover, you can see if a task lasted more than you thought. This way, you can learn from old mistakes and avoid new ones.

You don’t need to create a calendar archive that requires more space over the years. Yet, having safe storage for your latest calendar allows you to discover what you can improve in your time management project.

7. Provide access to others

If you work in an office, provide your secretary or assistants access to your calendar. This will help them manage meeting proposals. By granting others access to your calendar, you will have a better activity flow over time.

Details are key. Therefore, if others know that you’re busy during a day, they will not schedule meetings that you later need to postpone.

Be a Pro with Your Printable Calendar

Printable calendars make an accessible and useful time management tool. You can even use them when technology fails, or power interrupts.

Find your favorite printable calendar and enjoy being more organized, productive and, overall, more successful. This will reflect in both your professional and personal life.

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