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7 Things You Should Not Do On Your Facebook Page

While you were creating your Facebook page, you must have ticked the box saying ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’. Of course, you would not have actually read them for they are pages and pages! But let’s stick to the opposite here- ignorance is not bliss anymore.

 facebook rules[Image Source]

So, while you must go through the guidelines mentioned in link by Facebook, you must also know that there are rules and regulations that come along with participating in social media. Of course, Facebook is no different.

Below are a few things you must steer clear of:

1# Care A Hoot About Copyright

Posting copyright protected content on your page is definitely not cool, and above all, can lead to deletion of your account.

A good rule to follow is to give proper attributions to the content (including pictures, videos, texts) you post. In case, it’s copyright material, such as excerpts from a Book, don’t post it, unless you have obtained permission to do so.

2# Give A Goofy or Irrelevant Name To Your Business Page

It does make sense that your Facebook username and company name must match. Also, give an appropriate name to your page. If your company sells burgers and is called Mo Joe burgers, then you should name your page as ‘Mo Joe Burgers’ or ‘Mo Joe’s’. It should definitely not be named ‘Burger’, as you can’t call your page with generic terms.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not use all capitals, unless your company’s name is an acronym. So, the Reserve Bank of India can call them RBI, but not you! Also, you should not use special symbols, bullet points, and excessive punctuation in your page name.

3#bSpam Like A Maniac

Spam, and you would be termed a ‘promotion maniac’. Good news here is that you might get noticed. The bad is even worse– people would start to unfriend you, or probably just turn your posts off.

When social media experts talk about updating posts daily, they did not mean you keep posting irrelevant stuff day in and day out. 2 or 3 interesting posts should be more than just great! And while you follow this on your page, do not go onto spamming another company’s page.

4# Take The Vow Of Silence

By now you must have figured out that talking about relevant things make sense. However, don’t just sit there and be silent! Make sure to regularly respond to your customers. This would forefront you as being active on your site and as someone who cares. Another thing- don’t delete the occasional negative feedbacks. Instead, respond reasonably and as politely as you can.

5# I, Me, Myself…

Always remember: Facebook is a forum, and not your website. It is a platform where you must engage your customer through contests, discussions and polls. Bring them fresh content every day. Something they would love to read. This should not necessarily be about you and your company.

6# Leave Your P’s and Q’s At Home

Take care of your grammar and punctuations- every time you post and each time you write. Quick tip: Rather than directly posting on your page, try composing the message in a word document first and run a spell check.

7# Misuse The Cover Photo

This may lead to immediate termination of your account by Facebook. Remember Cover photos can only contain 20% text and do not include Calls To Action or purchase/discount information.

In this era of digital revolution, it is nothing but a tragedy if your brand goes amateur with its Facebook page. Using it the right way and for the right purpose is all that matters.

Author Bio:- Vishal is the founder of Appsquare, an app development company in Australia that creates innovative apps, provides part funding for selected app ideas and also helps app developers get funding through its network of Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

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  • Rafaqat

    April 10, 2013, 2:31 pm

    It is the fact that almost every user will tick the accept and no one bother to read (as we commonly do while creating account),but after going through your lines,it is necessary that we should take some time to read the agreement.so that we may secure our account.

  • marathimatrimony

    April 10, 2013, 12:49 am

    good informative post on facebook page specially i like the point misuse of facebook cover photo


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