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7 Techie Gifts for the Tech-obsessed

There is no escaping technology. It is here to stay, and it seems that every day some new gadget or technological breakthrough hits the market. Every holiday season technology manufacturers unveil their latest gadgets to excite the tech-obsessed masses into a technology shopping frenzy. Even if you feel you have the latest and greatest gadget, as soon as “version 2.0” is released, you are left feeling outdated and behind the times.

Most likely the tech-obsessed shopper on your list this holiday season is you. If it is not you, then you most certainly have at least one friend or family member, who cannot seem to get enough of technology and techie gifts. It is practically a foregone conclusion that you will be buying some type of techie gift this holiday season, either for yourself or someone on your list, but how do you know which techie gifts are the best fit for the tech-obsessed?

Here is a list of seven techie gifts for the tech-obsessed friend or family member on your holiday shopping list.

Cell Phones/Smart Phones

You cannot consider yourself a true techie without the latest and greatest smart phone. Cell phones are not just for talking anymore. Smart phones can serve all your communication and organization needs. Smart phones can even handle all of your entertainment needs including: music, games, and movies.

Laptops and Tablets

Laptops are getting lighter, smaller, and faster, partially due to improvements in hardware technology and also due to advancements in virtualization or cloud computing. Tablets have exploded onto the scene in the last few years. Tablets are great for entertainment, games, and apps. The trend for this holiday season is towards ultrabooks. Ultrabooks take the best of laptops and tablets and combine it together in one machine.


Bigger really is better, when it comes to monitors. The newest monitors are as large as some televisions and offer high definition display. Oftentimes, true techies will prefer a high-end monitor that can double as both a television and computer screen, instead of purchasing both separately. To see some of the latest in monitors, visit Dell.com.

MP3 Players

MP3players come in all shapes and sizes these days. Some MP3 players have video and camera capabilities. Other MP3 players are small enough to clip on to your clothing. One recent trend for MP3 players has been to build these music devices into everyday clothing like shoes, hats, or belts.

Wi-Fi Locators

Searching around in desperately for a free wi-fi signal to connect to is a thing of the past. Tech-obsessed individuals prefer to carry wi-fi locators attached to their keychains. These small devices will accurately indicate to you where the nearest wi-fi signal is, saving you time and energy.

GPS/Navigations Systems

A portable navigation system or GPS unit is a fundamental device for any tech-obsessed person on your holiday shopping list. Being lost is becoming a thing of the past with the widespread popularity of GPS devices. Many GPS models today are even voice activated and controlled. Most models will also “talk back” with precise directions and position.

Gaming Systems

Most tech-obsessed people are also into gaming or playing video games. Gaming systems are wildly popular and used extensively. There are gaming systems that will double as blue-ray players, and most will allow the user to access the internet to participate in online gaming. There are also smaller handheld gaming systems that allow for gaming on the go.

The possibilities for finding a great techie gift for the tech-obsessed friend or family member on your holiday shopping list are numerous. You are almost assured to find the right smart phone, laptop, tablet, monitor, or gaming system and become a geek’s new favorite Santa Claus.

Author Bio:- Brian Jensen works with Dell. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with his family. He has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology. To see some of Brian’s favorite gaming systems, click here.

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